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    Clémence and Naël collected the second prize ( French Writers Category) for their dark and tormented tale of rival siblings : A BROTHERLY PASSION
    The Daily Whatever
    Sunday, August 30th, 2006
    A terrible destiny
    In the night of the 28th to the 29th of August,on a mountain road, the HayStack family lost the control of their car, hurtled down the slope and crashed into tree. On this dreary night, both parents perished in the accident, their twins sons who were in a coma were (...)


    First prize ( French Writers Category ) was awarded to Michèle and Céline for their lurid yet romantic masterpiece RETURN TO EGYPT
    I don’t know if I died that day or if I was born there, all I know is that my life was definitely upset that day.
    “There are moments in your life when the big pieces slide and shift. Sometimes the big changes don’t happen gradually but all at once.”
    ― Ann Brashares, 3 Willows : The Sisterhood Grows
    With an anxiety that almost amounted to agony, I (...)


    As a homage to Mary Shelley’s iconic novel, the 1° euro students were asked to write a short story which would feature the creation of a " human" being from scraps, bits, spare parts, odds and sods, much in the style of mad scientist Victor Frankenstein’s ill-fated experiment. Then they voted for the best stories, which you will find reprinted below First prize, category " native writers" : THE PATH TO MADNESS, by Anna and Andrea
    The Path to Madness
    the diary of Sean Richardson
    15th (...)

  • Talents galore ! a new generation of indie rockers is gonna make your ears bleed ! - Mai 2017

    The assignment to the 1° euro class was as follows : imagine you and your best mates have made a rock band - Conceive the cover and the track list of your first album, write one song... and record it ! As all budding artists, these new talents are wary of plagiarism... so you won’t find any demo track on this blog... but you can always contact them through their agent !
    PHOENIX : eight musicians / singers with a mystical inspiration... halfway between a rock band and a sect worshipping (...)

  • Exploring New Worlds, part 2 - Novembre 2016

    Marie, Eline, Camille, Andrea, Louise, and Andrea, crafted a tale of tropical passion and jealousy, happily ending with the wedding of a girl explorer to the son of the Chief of the Tribe
    The bride’s necklace is composed of forest leaves, and a pendant representing a Toucan, the tribe’s fetish bird, whose multicoloured feathers represent the natives’s values : harmony and diversity Estelle, Sarah, Louise Chartier and Louise Chaumette related how they were stranded on an unknown island ; (...)

  • Exploring New Worlds, part 1... - Novembre 2016

    After viewing excerpts of Terrence Malick fabulous 2005 masterpiece The New World, the 1° EURO students were assigned to write the diaries of a party of adventurers exploring real or imaginary terra incognita... here are the few samples of the logbooks they wrote, along with artefacts that they had received as gifts from the natives ( or stolen from them... ) Nathan, Hugo, Lucas and Lohan discovered M’ Dloa’ Island, where they were initiated to rituals of the sacred Calumet, ( which (...)

  • Charte de la section européenne au lycée George Sand La Châtre. - Septembre 2016

    I. Objectifs de la section européenne
    La section européenne présente au Lycée George Sand de La Châtre a pour vocation de permettre aux élèves :
    • d’améliorer leurs compétences linguistiques ;
    • d’approfondir leur connaissance de la culture des pays où la langue anglaise est parlée ;
    • d’améliorer leurs compétences interculturelles ;
    • de faciliter leur intégration dans l’enseignement supérieur et/ou sur le marché du travail européen ;
    • de participer à des projets ouverts pour une meilleure (...)

  • Nouveauté à la rentrée 2016 en section européenne ! - Avril 2016

    La section européenne, ouverte depuis septembre 2012 au lycée, change de DNL (Discipline Non-Linguistique). Jusqu’alors, c’était en effet l’histoire-géographie qui était enseignée en anglais. Ce sera désormais au tour de la physique-chimie. Sur le principe, rien ne change. Il s’agit toujours de 2h supplémentaires à l’emploi du temps d’un élève de 2nde. L’une d’entre elles se fait avec le professeur d’anglais, l’autre avec le professeur de physique-chimie (qui parle anglais !). Cet enseignement se poursuit en (...)

  • TO INFINITY AND BEYOND ( Rocket Boys and Girls ) - Mars 2016

    One cold but -fortunately - dry Friday morning in Februrary, the pupils of seconde euro attempted to launch home-made rockets towards the heavens above, under the guidance of Mme Picaud.
    The pupils desire to defy gravity was first emulated when Mr Lécrivain had them study an extract of October Sky, the bio-pic based on the exploits of Homer Hickam ( the original " rocket boy" whose life was never the same when, in October 1957 he saw soviet satellite Sputnik orbiting in the night (...)

  • The Baker Street Irregulars’ Awards - Third Prize - Décembre 2015

    Last but not least, the third prize was awarded To Hugo FOSSE and Nathan LEDENT, for their story of humiliation and revenge, set in seedy streets of ill-repute still echoeing with the steps of Jack the Ripper VENGEANCE WREAKED HAVOC
    A week after the last crime of Jack the Ripper, a new corpse was found in Whitechapel, which didn’t quite look like his usual modus operandi…
    One morning of November 1888, Holmes and Watson were called by inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard. A men was (...)

  • The Baker Street Irregulars’ Awards - second prize for the non-native-speaker category - Décembre 2015

    The seconde prize went to Michèle BLAISE and Lucas FLOQUET for their story PRETTY WOMEN, remarkable by its unexpected twist-ending, and also the tastefully gruesome pics, taken by the authors themselves. PRETTY WOMEN
    Late at night, on a little street next to White Chapel Place where Jack the Ripper, the famous murderer, had killed many prostitutes, the two detectives were having a heated argument : they had left the Royale Restaurant and Watson was alone with Holmes because Mary had (...)

  • First prize for the non-native speaker... - Décembre 2015

    First prize for the non-native speaker category was won by Louise CHAUMETTE and Louise CHARTIER for their blood-curdling tale of fear, murder and matricide THE MANOR OF FEAR
    Wednesday, January 7th, 1891, is a winter night,
    in Birlstone Manor, near Cardiff.
    Today on 9,am, Victoria Scott called me. She informed me of a murder, her employer, Lady Mary Adams was dead. She wanted me to come promptly to Birlstone Manor with Holmes.
    After many hours in the snow, we found the (...)

  • The Baker Street Irregulars’ Awards - native speaker category - Décembre 2015

    After a brief introduction to the life and times of the shrewdest sleuth of all times ( Sherlock Holmes, of course, you guessed it...), the 2nde euro pupils were required to write an apocryphal fragment of his adventures, in the style of his creator. The best stories were selected for publication in the school blog. The pair who won first prize of the " native speaker category" (= one member of the team is a native English speaker ) is Andréa BARDIOT and Oliver COULON The Case of the (...)

  • Une sortie parisienne placée sous le signe de la photographie ! - Décembre 2014

    Le mercredi 7 janvier 2014, les 38 élèves de 2nde ASSP et de 2nde Euro se lèveront aux aurores frileuses pour prendre le car direction Paris ! Au programme : le matin, visite de l’exposition du Musée du Jeu de Paume, consacrée au photographe Garry Winogrand, chroniqueur de l’ Amérique d’après guerre, et grand maître de la photo de rue, au regard à la fois tendre, décalé, et incisif et l’après-midi, visite de l’exposition du Musée Carnavalet : "Paris libéré, Paris photographié", qui reprend en (...)

  • EUROTV Lycée George Sand - Avril 2014

    Tourné en une seule prise (hors Live Session de clôture) le jeudi 10 avril 2014.
    • Rédacteur en chef : Louis, 1ère ES
    • Reportages vidéos réalisés par les élèves lors de leur séjour
    • Jingles et virgules musicales : Lou, guitare
    • Générique de fin : Fever (Eddie Cooley /John Davenport)
    • Encadrement : Sophie Achilli, professeur d’anglais
    CANOPÉ de l’Indre
    © TVClasse 2014

  • To conquer Punks and Pixar in Paris - Février 2014

    During our field trip to Paris we saw 2 exhibitions. The first was about the Punk movement and the second was about the original drawings and artefacts of Pixar movies.
    At the exhitibion on the punk movement we observed many vulgar posters and a few very provocative pictures containing pornographic elements. We heard an agressive music which was repetitive and monotonous.
    Then we went to the permanent collection of the Cité de la Musique, and thanks to earphones, we heard classical (...)

  • Memories of a trip to Paris - Février 2014

    Our Paris trip left us lots of pleasant memories
    Upon arriving, we visited Notre-Dame, before which stood a huge Christmas tree. The cathedral is awe-inspiring, and we wished we had had time to climb up the belltowers to enjoy the view. The inside is decorated with stained-glass windows and statues. An imposing crucifix stands at the altar, and one can light a candle before it and pray. A period tapestry was displayed at the centre, as part of a special exhibit ; We left before the (...)

  • A day in Paris - Février 2014

    A day in Paris
    We woke up very early and we went in front of the high school at 6.oo a.m. After that, we got into the bus. During the travel we listened to music, took some pictures and we laughed a lot.
    We arrived in the capital about 10.30 a.m. So, we did a first visit of the cathedral “Notre Dame” which was situated in the 4th district near the “Seine”. The construction of this cathedral began in 1163 and finished in 1250. But there were a lot of amendments during several centuries. It (...)

  • Our travel in Paris - Février 2014

    When we arrived in Paris, we visited the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.
    We were lucky because there was an exceptional exhibition in the nave of the monumental « hearth-rug » which had been woven between 1825 and 1833. The exhibition was supplemented with a lot of liturgical clothes which had been offered to the cathedral in the nineteenth century by Charles X, Louis-Philippe et Napoléon III. The carpet was particularly impressive because it was used by several French sovereigns such as (...)

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy - Janvier 2014

    Yankee Doodle is a song which was created during the Independence War of America. At the beginning, it song was sung by the British soldiers ( called “redcoats” or “lobsterbacks” because they wore red uniform vests) , to mock the patriots : back then, the British wanted the Americans to give up on their ideas of revolution, and "Yankee Doodle" was the warning. This song was used later for the hymn of Connecticut (a northwestern state ). Doodle is a synomym of « fool ». (...)

  • Day Trip to Paris on the 15th of January ! - Décembre 2013

    There’s at least one good reason to be glad to go back to school after the Christmas holidays, for the 2nde euro, and the 1ère BPCP and the 1ère ASSP : they ’ll have the privilege of enjoying a day trip to Paris, and visiting two fantastic exhibitions
    Departure will be 06:00... a bit too early, isn’t it ? Well... yes, I’ll grant you that... but this way we’ll have plenty of time to get a peek at Notre Dame, inside and out !
    In the afternoon, we’ll first visit the Euro Punk exhibition at La (...)

  • THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT - Novembre 2013

    At the beginning in 1773, the Americans colonists felt a strong dissatisfaction towards Great Britain. The Americans colonists did not have the power to elect their own representatives at the London Parliament which decided on new taxes. The colonists asked Great Britain to be represented at the British Parliament , argueing that there should be "No taxation without representation" .
    In 1773 London passed the Tea Act which granted the British East India Company (...)

  • The Daughters of the American Revolution - Octobre 2013

    I) WHAT IS THE D.A.R. ?
    The Daughters of American Revolution is an american society which is reserved for women. The D.A.R was created in 1896, and its motto is "God, home and country". This society also manages six schools because they want the history of Amercia to be taught and preserved.
    Well, the reality is also that it’s a conservative organization ( not particularly open to members of ethnic minorities ) . You have to know also that the D.A.R is represented all around the (...)

  • Washington Crossing the Delaware - Octobre 2013

    description of the painting " Washington Crossing the Delaware "

  • Symbols of the United States - Octobre 2013

    The American flag
    The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen british colonies that declared the War of Independence to the British Crown and became the first states in the Union. These 13 colonies are Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New-York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvannia and Rhode Island. On July 4, 1960, Hawai was fiftieth stars (...)

  • Paul Revere - Octobre 2013

    Paul Revere was born the 1st of January 1735 (Old style dates : 21 December 1734) and died the 10th of May 1818. He was an American silversmith and a patriot in the American Revolution.
    He became very famous thanks to the so- called "Midnight ride". It happened in the night from the 18 to 19 april 1775, a few hours before the battles of Lexington and Concord. Joseph Warren orderded him and his friend William Dawes to go to Boston and warn John Hancock and (...)

  • Liberty Bell - Octobre 2013

    The Liberty Bell
    The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA. Formerly placed in the steeple of the Pennsylvania State House, the bell was commissioned from the London firm of Lester and Pack in 1752, and was cast with the lettering "Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." It originally cracked when first rung after arrival in Philadelphia, The Liberty Bell was used to summon lawmakers (...)

  • Enfin une prof de DNL ! - Octobre 2013

    Comme vous avez pu le remarquer, cette année pour les élèves de section européenne, c’est Mme Jardel qui s’occupe des cours de DNL.
    Au programme, en 1ère euro : l’expansion européenne et la révolution pacifiste de Gandhi.
    Des cours évidemment entièrement en anglais, et qui peuvent parfois être plus amusants que de simples cours d’histoire, avec des jeux, des blagues, mais toujours en anglais (...)

  • Django’s life - Mars 2013

    Django Reinhardt was born on the 23th January 1910. He was illiterate. Since his youth he played a gipsy instrument. He was spotted by an accordion player to play in balls.
    All his hopes vanished when in 1928, his caravan was burnt down. After this tragedy in which Django lost two fingers, he had to find another kind of playing and his technique became more original.
    Histalent was noticed by Jean Sablon, a successful crooner in 1933 and some amateurs. (...)

  • The last Wave - Février 2013

    A man was walking in the desert.
    After him bull-frogs jumped and sang a sinister song. But he couldn’t hear them because an ice storm drowned out their song. He walked on and didn’t see the ice block wich sank into the sand.
    Two days later, as every day, he took his car to go to his workplace. As usual, a big traffic jam blocked the street ; he heard on the radio a man who told how his girl friend had left him, a stupid story. The man who was listening to this stupid story was called (...)

  • Shakespeare and Company, a strange story ! - Février 2013

    On Wednesday, January 9th 2013, I went with my class to Paris. First, after our arrival, the teacher took us to visit a tiny bookstore which is called "Shakespeare and Company ".
    My first feeling when I saw the outward appearance of the bookstore was "Oh... It’s too old.. It will be boring ", so I stayed outside the shop and chatted with a friend and, at the same time, flipped through the vintage books which were stored outside.
    But I got bored very quickly, so I went inside the store (...)

  • My name is Django. - Février 2013

    I live in the mud,
    Yeah, I’m a Gypsy
    If you dream about blood, bud
    It runs in my family.
    My life is filled with sadness.
    I fight, oh yeah, do I fight.
    My life is filled with bitterness,
    I make my guitar moan at night.
    Against society,
    I learnt to live though I’m wounded.
    I’m wild, but oh, I’m free
    Because my strings have sounded.
    I can play with my fingers.
    Even though I have only three
    But I lost the others in a fire.
    I can ring my "zaïti".
    My (...)

  • For a taste of heaven : « Shakespeare and Compagny » - Février 2013

    « Shakespeare and Company » is an English bookstore which is situated in the heart of the city of Paris, near Notre-Dame (the most famous gothic cathedral in the world) at kilometer zero.
    This bookstore was opened by George Whitman, in the summer of 1951. He was born on December, 12th 1913 and died on December, 14th 2011. So, he was 98 years old. He was the owner. Today, it’s the only traditional store of English books left in the capital,
    after the "Village-Voice" in the 6th district (...)

  • Once upon a time, the Shakespeare and Company bookshop - Février 2013

    Once upon a time, a man named John came for the first time to Paris in the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore.
    When he entered the shop, John was astonished by the number of books in such a small space. The shelves reached the ceiling. At the same time, there was not much space to pace between the furniture.
    The bookstore looked likea Harry Potter setting.
    John found books that he had read in French, then he went up to the first floor : there was a sitting-room for (...)

  • Harry Potter Live in Paris by Shakespeare - Février 2013

    When we arrived in Paris after a neverending bus trip, we were divided into two groups. The first one was composed of the T°BPCB, who visited Notre-Dame de Paris, and the other group of the 1ère L & the Euro-class. I’m part of this class and this is the reason why I’m going to speak about the bookshop we visited. This shop is called "Shakespeare & Company". It’s a special place for a number of reasons.
    First, this bookshop sells only books which are written in English (by (...)

  • Betty’s encounter at Shakespeare and Company - Février 2013

    A family is dining around the table.
    "Mum, said Leo, the little skinny boy, how did you meet Daddy ?
    - It’s a long story ! said Betty, the pretty woman. You really want to hear it ?" She smiled.
    "Yeah ! replied Cerise, the 4 years-old girl. Tell us how you met Daddy !
    - Okay, said Betty, but eat your frenchbeans first.
    - That’s mean.
    - I know, but that’s the way. »
    The children ate their frenchbeans very fast. Children hate frenchbeans. It’s good only for your health.
    « (...)

  • Aboriginal’s dream - Février 2013

    Aboriginal’s dream
    The story of the beginnig of a new age.
    I open my eyes.
    I’m not on the earth. I am flying in the sky. I see my tribe and the bush. In the distance, I look at mountains. These mountains are remote in a huge and wild desert. However, my people went there every year, at the seventh moon. But now, they have forgotten this place. I’m the only one who remembers the tradition. “ You have a mission, says a voice behind me. See that fire in the sky. It comes from our (...)

  • Django Reinhardt, a biography - Février 2013

    Django Reinhardt was a Belgian gipsy born on January 23rd 1910, who died on May 16th 1953 after a stroke.
    (http://www.citedelamusique.fr/minisites/1210_django/exposition/enfance.aspx ) He has not created jazz but he made it universal. His difficult starts.
    His music was spotted by accordeon players and he was hired to play banjo in the popular dances in Paris. But in October 1928 he lost two fingers in an arson when his caravan got burnt. This accident broke his dreams of becoming (...)

  • The ruthless Nazis - Février 2013

    It was in 1940. The Nazis were in Paris.
    They were ruthless toward the Jews : they hit them and humiliated them too. It wasn’t a good life for Jews at this time. What’s more, the Nazis burned libraries within books whose authors were not German. All libraries were destroyed and only german books were allowed. The Jews were persecuted for one reason : the madness of one man, Adolf Hitler. He was very racist, mad (at the end of the war) and xenophobic. This phenomenon ( persecution) was (...)

  • A night in the bookshop - Février 2013

    It’s the story of four friends, who discovered a bookshop in Paris.
    One day, a group of four friends, Vincent, Carla, Sacha and Marie wanted to go to Paris to visit the bookshop "Shakespeare and Company". They took the train and got to Paris train station after a long trip. Then, they went to the bookshop but before that, they needed to cross the city. When they arrived in front of the bookshop, they looked at the sky and saw that Paris was in the dark and the moon had risen.
    They (...)

  • Miss Parker at Shakespeare and Co - Février 2013

    One summer morning, Miss Parker pushed the door of the Shakespeare and Company bookshop.
    She was an English woman from Coventry. She was visiting Paris with her daughter Sue when she decided to visit the bookshop. "Wow !" the little girl exclaimed."There are so many books !". Miss Parker gave a nod. It’s true that the owner had decided to use large book-shelves. Miss Parker and her daughter walked into the maze of narrow corridors and browsed through the books.
    There were old and (...)

  • The Aboriginal Art Museum - Février 2013

    The Aboriginal exhibition is part of the "Quai Branly", next to the Eiffel Tower.
    It’s a modern museum, modern in the sense that it looks strange like a lot of new structures, like The Shard in London or the Grand Opera House in Sydney. In its basement, there is a vault within which old Aboriginal treasures are lurking. At the main part of the museum, are various artifacts, ranging from Aboriginal art to Asian costumes and much more. On the last floor of the museum, it feels like as soon (...)

  • The influences of Django Reinhardt on music - Février 2013

    Django Reihnardt is, still today, considerd as one of the most talented guitarists of all time.
    His typical guitar skill, renowned between thousands, is great and awesome. The fabulous guitarist who was Django Reinhardt was the creator of a new style of jazz. This new style was called "Gypsy Jazz".
    To really let you understand that he infuenced a lot of music generally and not just the jazz music I can give you the exemple of Jimi Hendrix who was also one of the greatest guitar (...)

  • Shakespeare and Company, the history. - Février 2013

    The bookshop "Shakespeare and Company" is an English bookshop in Paris.
    It is situated near the cathedral Notre-Dame, in the centre of Paris, in the 5th district. The creator of this old English bookshop was George Whitman.
    Born in 1913 in East Orange, New Jersey, George travelled all over the world, until he finally landed in Paris in 1951. He decided to found his bookshop. First he called it "Le Mistral". Before this time, a woman, Sylvia Beach, had founded the very first (...)

  • Une Seconde européenne à la rentrée 2012. - Mars 2012

    Une heure de cours supplémentaire par semaine dans la partie « LV1 » (volet d’apprentissage de la langue orale et écrite).
    Total : 4 h00 semaine (au lieu de 3 h00 pour les secondes "classiques") Une heure par semaine de cours d’histoire et géographie dispensés en anglais par un professeur spécialisé.
    Le programme suivi est celui des cours d’histoire-géographie en anglais, en privilégiant les changements de point de vue (point de vue anglais sur (...)

  • 5 myths about the Revolutionary War of America - Octobre 2013

    We will speak about the five biggest myths concerning the period of the American Revolutionary War.
    1. The War was between the colonists and the British :
    The myth : when the French came in the war, the colonists had already won the war.
    The reality : France began to give arms and ammunition in 1776. In 1777, before Saratoga, French sent lots of uniforms to America, hundreds of cannons and lots of muskets.The French contribution has been "forgotten" by Americans, although (...)