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Publié : 7 mai 2017
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First prize ( French Writers Category ) was awarded to Michèle and Céline for their lurid yet romantic masterpiece



I don’t know if I died that day or if I was born there, all I know is that my life was definitely upset that day.

“There are moments in your life when the big pieces slide and shift. Sometimes the big changes don’t happen gradually but all at once.”
― Ann Brashares, 3 Willows : The Sisterhood Grows

With an anxiety that almost amounted to agony, I could finally say I reached Egypt....
Acknowledged as a great cryptologist and hieroglyph specialist , I was invited by a colleague to visit the king’s valley with a group of tourist for a 5 days outing. I’m called Totek Verloren, and to tell you the truth, I can’t say anything else about me... Because circumstances unknown to me, I was injured in a car crash in Cairo at the age 24 seemingly. I’ve been amnesiac since then. It’s been 2 years since I carried some scars on my chest and on my wrist these are the only proofs of my accident. I’m currently 26 years old. We could say that, that’s a pity but I live my life like it is or more precisely I lived...
Everyone seemed to be hasty to take part at the outing, it was mr Anbieter my colleague that had organized the trip, found the guide and chosen the sites to visit. With me were some Europeans like me with whom I had got acquainted in the plane, there were very warmhearted, but there were also some Chinese, Australian and an American’s couple, for a total of 11 person without the guide. We met each other the evening of the first day in the Cairo Marriott hotel’s hall in Cairo. The guide encountered us the same evening, giving us the schedule of the week. I remember that his name surprised everyone : Rê Bendarwin. A very uncommon name.. Rê or also called Râ was a worshiped god in ancient time in Egypt , I think.... He had a shrivelled complexion and straight chapped lips. After introduced each of us for learning more about the other and after telling the other about my drastic situation, I remember that mr Bendarwin stared at me, in his eyes I saw compassion, if I could do it I would throw my glass in his face, I can’t endure to see mercy in the eyes of other when I talk to them. After the introduction everyone joined their room.

Today we are to visit the three great pyramids of Giza. A wonderful place, with beautiful landscape, it’s annoying that the sun is always such high in the sky, I always was bored by it with sunstroke and headache... We can say that its benefactions aren’t applicable on me, I even find it quite harmful...
Mr Anbieter knew my weakness and brought with him a first aid kit in case and protected me thanks to his sturdy and big figure. He was somebody full of kindness always helping the other, He told me before that he was part of differents charity associations and had once a training of rescuer. A very kind and clever man actually all that I’m not...
We began our visit with the sphinx, which was higher than I thought it was, books really don’t suit the reality. Then we arrived in front of the Khéops’ pyramid, we saw Kephren’s pyramid and Mykerinos’ one there were all very huge projecting on the ground a comforting shadow. At this moment I felt suddenly dizzied and fainted. Mr Anbieter came right away to help me and brought me back to the hotel. I woke up in a dark and dreary place without any pane, any opening on the outside I was perhaps underground, my feet and hands were tied to a chill stone bed. I was lonely shouted and yelled, even agitated my limbs with all my strength, in vain . A door opened in a deafening noise. My arms hurt, when I remind me that, I feel uneasy, I can’t forgot it. A man appeared in a sparkle of light , he was sturdy, tall, his figure seemed to smother the light behind him which became petty as he approached me. The anonymous held in one of his hand a cold steel, I heard him muttered at my hear but I couldn’t understand what he said, that’s when I felt somehow my chest being slashed on my scar. His knife seemed to cut my skin apart. The hangman bent upon me, a grin wrinkled his cheeks he was clearly glad of his work. My pain lasted, didn’t want to leave me, I imagined it again and again but I couldn’t watch what this man had done. I thought I was passing away. I imagined I was left behind lifeless, alone, like a wretch. I thought “Is it finished yet ?” and woke up in a start at my hotel’s chamber. Mr Anbieter was on my side, gazed at me, surprised of my unexpected reawakening. I realized after a moment that everything was a nightmare, unfortunately too realistic for a mere nightmare. Anbieter asked me “ Well dude you felt forced to take a nap, Are you too old !?” when he realized that my face was pale and that a cold dew covered my forehead, he continued : “oy mate you saw a ghost ?”. I unbuttoned my shirt the scar was here unharmed, I clearly felt a moment ago a blade had slashed my skin, I saw that stranger with a knife, that butcher ; was he really an anonymous ? I didn’t known. He seemed to be familiar with me.
When I saw that mark on my body all the pain I had experienced before flowed back into me out of the blue. But that pain was mingled with a grudge that couldn’t leave me, a part of me, an unbearable feeling. I couldn’t say anymore if the pain was physical or moral. But after all it was just a nightmare. My consciousness became hazy. Anbieter noticed it and tried to make me regain my sense of reality. He took my wrists I couldn’t help but shout. My wrists was sore, I stare at them, my scars were yet here unharmed. I vomit all of a sudden, Anbieter couldn’t react he was dumbstruck by my behavior and reaction. His presence reminded me the executioner within this nightmare. His voice brought me back to reality :
« Would you tell me what’s wrong ? Asked him
_nothing, I answered, just a nightmare
_My poor, you overworked lately, he continued
_It’s been two years now, that I can’t remember anything about my past and about this day....
_Calm down dude »
I undoubtedly couldn’t suspected him , he was too kind with everyone. He couldn’t be a psychopath he was too worried about the others. But after all, I don’t know it was only a year since I knew him and it could be him...perhaps I irritated him, or maybe he had a grudge against me. I didn’t know, I didn’t know anything... My memories couldn’t help me, they couldn’t and I couldn’t make anything. I was lonely.
« We must rejoin the group and eat, he recall me
_What time is now ? I asked
_It’s 8h30pm
_How long it’s been since I fainted ?
_It must be since 3h20 now...
_c**p »
We rejoined the other, they were worried about me. When they saw that I rejoined them they rushed at me and asked if I was alright. I shivered somebody was behind me, a presence, a conceited and satisfied aura, that hideous man. I suddenly turned back to see his face... but nothing. Anbieter appeared I stared at him, stunned, it couldn’t be him. He answered at my gaze with an inquisitive look. I explained to everyone that I was tired by the recent event and that I will regain my chamber, I noticed that the guide wasn’t here but it wasn’t a trouble after all I couldn’t bear him and his pitiful and conceited manner.
I tried to sleep but I was disturb by the wildest dream I had before and as I thought about it I felt an incredibly strong headache, some sort of flashback came to my mind (if I could call them like that) a wonderful woman’s smile, some remains in the king’s valley, a cold room, I shivered it was it. The same that the one in my nightmare. I couldn’t say anymore that it was a mere nightmare. But who was this woman ? The remains didn’t seem real so I left them behind in the depth of my mind. I was seemingly too tense to think like this.

A new day began, direction the kings’valley. I preferred didn’t think about the eve, I thought that I will elucidate the matter after. Even saying this I always felt this presence unbearable in back, sneaky like a spider waiting for her prey. We finally arrived on the site. We visited the Hatchepsut’s, Thoutmôsis III’s, Thoutmôsis IV’s, d’Amenhotep III’s, Taousert’s shrine. I walked behind the group enjoying the treasure of each remains. A colossal shadow on the ground made me raise my head with the back light I couldn’t see anything else but a huge building. After being accustomed to the backlight I saw stunned in front of me a great remain stood big, familiar, a nightmare, I thought that I wouldn’t ever seen it. I saw it in a flashback, surprise I stayed inanimate for a while dumbstruck, everything seemed real now. Everything happened but when ? Why ? What did I have done to deserve it ? Who am I ? So many question that I thought I would never questioned myself with. I heard a little stone rolled behind me, a breathe, a knock in the neck out of the blue. BLACKOUT.

« wake up brat »
I woke up, my neck was sore, I was in a chill and fearful room, some hieroglyph sprinkled the walls, I didn’t dare to remember where I was I knew it, that room again. A Man was sat on an ancient stone, I still felt the knock behind my head. I remembered at that time the woman’s smile a man was behind her, his dad probably, a man with a scowl, it wasn’t the time to mess around and think about unnecessary things, I was in the predicament. The man stood up slowly, he must had around 50 years old. He turned back all of a sudden, took me by my collar and tackled me to the wall.
« I didn’t think I would see you again here brat, I told you that I mustn’t see you, bawl him
_Hold on, it’s the first time I see you and if I could I would avoid you, given your attitude, I reminded me the man behind the wench in my memories, he had the same features, don’t tell me that this man in my memories is you... you look like him....
_You’re still rude obviously. You aren’t learnt manner during that time. You’re recovered very well seemingly, Do you remember this place ? This shrine’s room ?
-It was you....belched I, why have you done this ? What was your purpose ? Why are you here ?
_So you remind me well then we can go to the right point, go away and don’t even dare to put a foot on this land.
_Cut it out ! What have you done on me ?
_Nothing, you merely were too close with my daughter that’s all
_That’s all !? And these scars, I remember lately some snippets of memories. What’s that ?
_Well I could say that’s just a collateral damage. I should let you in the state I put you in.
_What ? I fed up !! Explain you old crazy man....
_I already explain my action, You were too close with my daughter I couldn’t bear it. I couldn’t approve you as my son-in-law, tad. Self-centered, cryptologist what a pathetic boy... That’s what I thought when I saw you. Don’t mess around. When I told you I wouldn’t see you again with my daughter, the situation has gone wrong.
_It’s gone wrong ? Explain you a minimum you mad bro...
_You fell from the balcony on which we explained with each other and impale unfortunately yourself on the fence. You had a lungs and the stomach perforated, the rib cage literally crumbled. I knew that my daughter would cry all her body’s tears so instead of buried you like a stray dog, I brought you here. My stash and I replace your lungs with one of my departed patient »

Now I remember this man bent upon me when he cut my chest and muttered at my ear « don’t worry I’m a doctor tad » It was this arrogant. He continued :
« Your stomach came from the same man we can say that you were lucky in your predicament. Your new rib came from an old friend of mine. » At this moment he pokes one of his hand on a shroud and took it off a skull roll on the ground some old bandage was stuck on the bone cheek, a mummy, I stayed here dazed. Satisfied of my reaction he said : 
« You could greet him, he is a friend that I’ve called Totek I. But don’t worry I clean his rib cage before I put it into you, even if it was a little bit damaging by the time it still works fine obviously. You could be grateful...
_Go to hell you’re crazy, I pushed him suddenly, it isn’t possible...
_....and yet.... watch that lovely scar on your chest and these one on your wrists everything was made here, by me, at that time, he chuckled.
_No way ! I couldn’t conceive what he said, Why did you made this ?
_Are you deaf, I didn’t approve you as my son-in-law.
_You’re a psychopath, a berserk
_A berserk that saved you boy
_That kill me !!!
_All the things you said you had made at me came from an accident 2 years ago. Don’t make a mistake....
_I think the one who’s making a mistake is you.... You see a body that is already die can’t bear the sun, can I ask you a question... Why did you faint a moment ago ?
I couldn’t respond properly.
_Don’t you think someone, after you healed a minimum, could put you in a car and disguise a car crash ? »
I was really dropped away this time.

D-1 ???
« Are you sure that it’s fine to introduce me to your father if he can’t stand outsider ?
_We will manage it but I would like him to recognize you, I’m sorry it could become tough on you
_I don’t care, I will manage it like you said »
At that time I was in front of a huge house , by my side a dark hair woman with a beautiful smile rang at the door. Somebody opened it
« Hi mum, How are you ?
_Oh Nadja, it’s been a while, it’s unexpected to see you
_I wanted to come visit you ! I would like to tell you thing to you and dad
_Well then... Who’s this man with you ? Oh … Don’t tell me that....
_You’re right ! he’s my boyfriend...
_Oh darling ! But you know that your father is..... How do I put it ? Like this...
_Yeah but I would like to convince him »
I stayed on the doorstep.
« Oh sorry ! Come on...
_Thank you miss
_you can call me maria, your father is in his office Nadja, Do you want to stay tonight ?
_ Yes, If it doesn’t bothered you... »
Maria showed us our room for the night and invited us to take place around the meal, Nadja’s father didn’t until now given a sign of life. Maria decided to look for him and brought him a little while after, he was tall, sturdy, a scowl man, obviously reluctant to see me. I greet him with a nod.
« Daddy !! How are you ?
_Fine what about you ?
_I feel really fine. Well then, I would like to introduce someone to you this is Totek Verloren, he is a well-known European cryptologist and currently my companion.
_Hello mister nice to meet you, it’s an honor to meet you, dared I, stretching my hand as a sign of greeting, he answered to my greeting crushing my hand. I think he considered me as a bug that he wanted to crush.
_as far as that goes, answered him Rê Bendarwin surgeon and guide at my free time »
The dinner finished without a hindrance noticeable, except the lack of enthusiasm from Nadja’s father. Nadja and Maria began to clear the table I proposed my help but Rê called me « Come with me boy I want to talk with you » and locked us in his office, huge , a balcony overhung on a cosy road of Cairos.
« Listen to me boy, he began, you don’t match Nadja. Break up with her immediately or else I will do it for you. I will….
_Cut it out, I will never do that ! OK ! I love Nadja and you can’t do anything to change this. I opened the door on the balcony after this to cool me down, he followed me.
_Don’t be self-centered boy ! It’s obvious you won’t be able to offer her a proper life, that’s what he said me, holding me at arm’s length, I pushed him
_I said no do you understand ? Nadja has grown she isn’t anymore a child... I don’t need your approval to stay with her. I came here by myself out of courtesy and I will go like I came a moment ago. Now let me go.
He tried to take the control over me and pushed me, I felt my chest tumbled backwards, I lost my balance and I fell after he tried to grasp me...
That’s when I felt myself passing away... Life is a petty thing. Something nailed me here, the fence, I couldn’t escape and as I closed my eyes in a shiver I saw his face satisfied, this beast glare at me from above, disgusting, I fainted.

D-0 ???
I woke up. I was nailed on an iced table probably a table of stone. Around me the wall was sprinkled with hieroglyph, it was probably an egyptian shrine’s room. I felt weak, between life and death. I shouted and yelled breathe out all the strength remaining in my body, most likely my last breathe. A door opened on the side of the room.... A man stood here, a light came out from behind his back, I shivered Rê Bendarwin. This hateful man. He bent upon me and muttered at my ear « Don’t worry, you know I’m a surgeon boy » with a knife on one of his hand. My hands hurt, I was cold, tied to this table. After he beheld the accomplishment of his toils, he smirked obviously glad of his work. I will probably never woke up from this nightmare. I felt my chest being cut, sawed, I was in pain, yelled for a rescue, to escape this, I tried to release myself but the tiredness to keep me alive until then took me.

D-0 ???+X
I woke up in a start, my chest hurt me, I didn’t know where I was. My hand hurt, I bled but there was nothing that could cause this pain. A door was opened on one side of the room . I ran off. After a while I finally could see the outside, I was breathless . And as I could breath properly the outdoor air, I stopped on the doorstep and felt too late somebody in my back who knock me out.

« I remind me now, I really ever couldn’t understand you, you’re crazy
_Perhaps... »
I pushed him on the opposite wall :
« You killed me ! You take away all the things precious to me, you’re a monster, horrid, disgusting.... »
He peered at me with his usual grin, conceited, satisfied. I detained myself from hit him. I continued to push him without noticing behind him a hole. He fell in it I heard him shout. But I stayed there inanimate. I pushed him like he did to me but at that moment I felt disgusting, inhuman. I took a flashlight that he left behind him, the hole wasn’t very deep. When the light swept the ground, I was surprised I couldn’t find him anywhere. He vanished, I don’t know how.

But the life goes on.
I retrieve the rest of the group the next day. Everyone didn’t know where I was nor the guide, but this one didn’t appear again after that. The next day I decided to look for the mansion in which I dined with Nadja and her mother. I found it. A lady went out of it and said to someone else « you know that he will never come again it’s been two years that father vanished, and honestly if he came I couldn’t even forgive him ». She leave a man followed her. She was happy.

I’m Totek Verloren and I’m now 27 years old, I ’m a common man, living his life honestly. I am banal. In prey of predicament of life but again and again overcoming the hindrance of life.

“There is a time in the life of every predicament where it is ripe for resolution. Emotions provide the cue to act when a problem is big enough to see, yet still small enough to solve. By understanding your emotions, you can move adeptly through your current challenges and prevent future ones.”
 Travis Bradberry


Some other information :
 In Egyptians cultur, Ra was worshipped as the Creator god among some ancient Egyptians, specifically followers of his cult at Heliopolis. It was believed that Ra wept, and from his tears came man.