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Par : Loman
Publié : 12 février 2013
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Shakespeare and Company, the history.

Trip to Paris - Visit with the school, January 9th 2013.

The bookshop "Shakespeare and Company" is an English bookshop in Paris.

It is situated near the cathedral Notre-Dame, in the centre of Paris, in the 5th district.

The creator of this old English bookshop was George Whitman.

Born in 1913 in East Orange, New Jersey, George travelled all over the world, until he finally landed in Paris in 1951. He decided to found his bookshop. First he called it "Le Mistral".

Before this time, a woman, Sylvia Beach, had founded the very first English bookshop in Paris, called "Shakespeare and Company".

Yet when the Germans occupied the city, Sylvia refused to sell a book to a German soldier, and the bookshop had to close its doors. At the death of Sylvia Beach, George Whitman changed the name of his bookshop into "Shakespeare and Co" as a tribute to the first bookshop.

The name of the bookshop was given to the shop in homage to the most famous writer of all times in England : William Shakespeare.

Born in 1564 in England, W. Shakespeare died in the same country in 1616, and he is considered as the best writer ever in England by some people.