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Par : Carla A.
Publié : 12 février 2013
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A night in the bookshop

Trip to Paris - Visit with the school, January 9th 2013.

It’s the story of four friends, who discovered a bookshop in Paris. 

One day, a group of four friends, Vincent, Carla, Sacha and Marie wanted to go to Paris to visit the bookshop "Shakespeare and Company". They took the train and got to Paris train station after a long trip. Then, they went to the bookshop but before that, they needed to cross the city.

When they arrived in front of the bookshop, they looked at the sky and saw that Paris was in the dark and the moon had risen.

They came in the bookshop wich was lit only by chandeliers .

 Marie and Carla went to the right part of the bookshop and Vincent along with Sacha went to the left part. They looked at the books. Marie went to a nook on the first floor where there were many old bookcases wich went up to the ceiling. Carla went to the second floor where there were a lot of recent books. She was alone on that floor, so she went downstairs and looked for Marie, Sacha and Vincent, but couldn’t find them ...

 Marie, after looking at the old books, had the same idea as Carla and went to look for her friends and ...

she couldn’t find them either.

 Sacha and Vincent, who were in the left part of the bookshop looked for many recent books. Vincent said "I’m going over there !" and left Sacha. After a long search, he didn’t find any books that he thought were interesting. So he decided to come back where he had left Sacha but didn’t see him ! He thought "Where is he ?", after, he looked for Carla and Marie but didn’t find them either ...

Where could they be ?

 The friends were inside the bookshop but couldn’t find each other ! They stayed there for a long time, searched again for each other.

The night passed but, at midnight, they all decided to look for each other again.

And then, Marie found Carla and Vincent found Sacha. They found each other and came out of the library, and went back to their homes.