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Publié : 7 mai 2017
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Talents galore ! a new generation of indie rockers is gonna make your ears bleed !

The assignment to the 1° euro class was as follows : imagine you and your best mates have made a rock band - Conceive the cover and the track list of your first album, write one song... and record it !

As all budding artists, these new talents are wary of plagiarism... so you won’t find any demo track on this blog... but you can always contact them through their agent !



PHOENIX : eight musicians / singers with a mystical inspiration... halfway between a rock band and a sect worshipping the God of Ancient Times : Vinyl ! BOBBIES : five girls following in the footsteps of Liverpool’s Fab Four... remember the Abbey Road LP cover DISNEY TRUCKERS : a tongue in cheek punk-inspired re- interpretation of Disney’s classics FOREVER : a girls’ band with an ironic vision of love that would have delighted Charles Baudelaire : imagine an affair between a shy boy and the statue of Aphrodite in an English park ! MUSIC CRUSADERS : this selection would be too lame and tame if it didn’t feature a crew of Satanists ! SHOOK ! AT THE NIGHT CLUB Don’t be fooled by the cute panda bear on the album cover ! This trio of bad girls means ( dirty) business, and their music is as powerful as a wrecking-ball ! THE BLACK SPARKS : as the oxymoron of their band name suggests, these dames love contrasts and paradoxes...in the hit song of their album, you’ll find a few gruesome tips about home decoration : how would you like to have your lover’s head cut and stuffed and placed over the fireplace mantlepiece like a hunting trophy ?