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Publié : 20 novembre 2016
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Exploring New Worlds, part 1...

After viewing excerpts of Terrence Malick fabulous 2005 masterpiece The New World, the 1° EURO students were assigned to write the diaries of a party of adventurers exploring real or imaginary terra incognita... here are the few samples of the logbooks they wrote, along with artefacts that they had received as gifts from the natives ( or stolen from them... )

Nathan, Hugo, Lucas and Lohan discovered M’ Dloa’ Island, where they were initiated to rituals of the sacred Calumet, ( which induces pleasant visions, and enables to partake of the wisdom of the Elders of the Tribe...)

Anna, Marylou, Charlotte and Juliette trekked through the treacherous jungles of the Flying Islands, and made a sketch of the divinities who guard them from the profanation of intruders :

Naelle, Clémence, and Marine wrote the poignant story of the 1802 Harry Lloyd expedition :