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Par : Anaïs P.
Publié : 2 mars 2013
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Django’s life

Trip to Paris - Visit with the school, January 9th 2013.


Django Reinhardt was born on the 23th January 1910. He was illiterate. Since his youth he played a gipsy instrument. He was spotted by an accordion player to play in balls.


All his hopes vanished when in 1928, his caravan was burnt down. After this tragedy in which Django lost two fingers, he had to find another kind of playing and his technique became more original.


Histalent was noticed by Jean Sablon, a successful crooner in 1933 and some amateurs. Emile Savitry make him listen to some jazz and it was a revelation for Django.

"The Quintet"

He founded a band "The Quintet" with violin player Grapelli, at the end of 1934. This band became the ambassador of French swing. "The Quintet" was composed of Django, Stephan Grapelli, Roger Chaput, Joseph R and Louis Vola.

Django Reinhardt and his Quintet


On the 29th of december1934 the first record by "the Quintet" came out. The 1930 were the golden age of French jazz. During 1939, Django was spotted by some famous jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Coleman Hawkins, who adopted him.


After his golden age, Django preferred to focus on his son Babik and on painting because his music was not as appreciated as before.

"The New Quintet"

He went to the USA. When he came back to France, his friend Stephan Grapelli had stayed in America ; so Django founded a "New Quintet" with Hubert Rostaing, Allan, Coleridge Coode and Jack Llewenyn. In 1951, he recovered the taste for music thanks to be-bop musicians.

The New Quintet in concert, circa 1941


He had a new band with new horizons. He developed on his guitar the new be-bop technique. He was the nightlight of St-Germain Club.


He died of a stroke on may 16th of 1953 in Samois-sur-Seine. Just before his death, Norman Granz had asked him to go on a tour with him, but Django had refused.