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Publié : 12 février 2013
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Miss Parker at Shakespeare and Co

Voyage à Paris/ Trip to Paris - Visit with the school, January 9th 2013.

One summer morning, Miss Parker pushed the door of the Shakespeare and Company bookshop.

She was an English woman from Coventry. She was visiting Paris with her daughter Sue when she decided to visit the bookshop. "Wow !" the little girl exclaimed."There are so many books !". Miss Parker gave a nod. It’s true that the owner had decided to use large book-shelves.

Miss Parker and her daughter walked into the maze of narrow corridors and browsed through the books.

There were old and recent books by many writers. Sue found one of her favorite books : The Lord of the rings. Suddenly, they heard sweet music that came down from the first floor. "What is it, mum ?" asked Sue. "Come with me, let’s see !" answered her mother. They went upstairs, then they found the source of the music.

Someone was playing the piano.

Next to him, people were playing chess. In the room, there were many, many books that were only for reading. On the spot, all of those books were old versions of classics in English literature and were meant to be borrowed, but not bought. Miss Parker and Sue decided to explore this floor.

Just next to the stairs, people can leave a message.

So they did. They stayed into the bookshop for hours, and when Miss Parker went back home, she said that it was like a dream.