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Par : Maël
Publié : 12 février 2013
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The ruthless Nazis

Trip to Paris- Visit with the school, January 9th 2013.

 It was in 1940. The Nazis were in Paris.

They were ruthless toward the Jews : they hit them and humiliated them too. It wasn’t a good life for Jews at this time. What’s more, the Nazis burned libraries within books whose authors were not German. All libraries were destroyed and only german books were allowed. The Jews were persecuted for one reason : the madness of one man, Adolf Hitler. He was very racist, mad (at the end of the war) and xenophobic. This phenomenon ( persecution) was called "Shoah".

 So now you know the essential, we can start our story .

There is in Paris an English bookshop "Shakespeare and Company", in which you can find nothing but english books. So for the Nazis they were foreign books.

Maybe we can imagine they burnt the place down .

But no ! Why ? Thanks to English soldiers and their courage, the bookstore was saved. The fight lasted several weeks. And it succeeded thanks to an english victory. It was very long and hard. But happiness invaded the english soldiers and of course the bookstore itself.

 "Shakespeare and Company" existed then, exists and will live on.