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Publié : 14 février 2014
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Memories of a trip to Paris

Our Paris trip left us lots of pleasant memories

The cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris Upon arriving, we visited Notre-Dame, before which stood a huge Christmas tree. The cathedral is awe-inspiring, and we wished we had had time to climb up the belltowers to enjoy the view. The inside is decorated with stained-glass windows  and statues. An imposing crucifix stands at the altar, and one can light a candle before it and pray. A period tapestry was displayed at the centre, as part of a special exhibit ; We left before the midday mass.

Early in the afternoon, we went to Cité de la Musique, and visited the Europunk exhibit.

There, among many videos of songs, interviews or TV News devoted to punk artists, we chanced upon an interview of the Sex pistols at their beginning. At one point the presenter asked the leader of the band to say a five letter words and then the whole band starting insulting the presenter, until he gave up and said « I hope that I will never see you again ». The leader of the group answered « So do I ». It was very funny, and we could not help laughing.

Then in the permanent music collection gallery, we had the opportunity to hear the sounds of almost all the instruments, thanks to the mp3 reader that we had been issued : all we had to do was dial the number corresponding to each instrument ; . It’s very interesting to ear the sound of of the harpsichord, or the flute,...



 Afterwards, we went to the Pixar exhibit, at Musée des Arts Ludiques. we saw the preliminary sketches or sotry boards of famous animation films, so it was interesting to see the approach of the designers and the creators of a film. Frequently, the initial sketch of a given character was quite removed from what the character finally looked like.



 In a  room there was a zootrope inside a circular glass-window : it is a sort of merry-go-round which revolved fast and gave the illusion of the movements of the characters thanks to a lighting which flickered very quickly. This showpiece was very exciting. In a projection room, there was a slideshow composed of a multitude of drawings, which gave us the impression of coming towards us, as if we were inside the film, as in a 3D movie.

This outing was very pleasant and happy despite that the fact that we had a test the next day :’(

And in spite of the bad weather, it was worth going.