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Par : Emma L.
Publié : 14 février 2014
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A day in Paris

 A day in Paris

We woke up very early and we went in front of the high school at 6.oo a.m. After that, we got into the bus. During the travel we listened to music, took some pictures and we laughed a lot.

We arrived in the capital about 10.30 a.m. So, we did a first visit of the cathedral “Notre Dame” which was situated in the 4th district near the “Seine”. The construction of this cathedral began in 1163 and finished in 1250. But there were a lot of amendments during several centuries. It was very interesting and the stained glasses were wonderful.


 Cathedral “Notre Dame” Stained glasses

Then, we came back to the bus to go to “la cité de la musique”. We ate our picnic very fast to be on time for the euro punk exhibition. During this visit, we saw a lot of pictures very vulgar, like pornographic pictures. The objective is to shock the people and to be very provocative. We also listened to some extracts and interviews of punk music. It’s a very loud music with a lot of screams, it’s to disturb and to be uncomfortable to listen to. We discovered a famous British group called “The Sex Pistols”. It’s very special !

  The Sex pistols during a concert

Punk people with strange haircut

Afterwards, we saw an exhibition of a big permanent collection of musical instruments. These instruments were more classical than the instrument for playing punk music. Our group had the chance to have an audio guide to understand the story of each instrument.


 The permanent collection of instrument

Then, we returned to the bus in order to go to the last exhibition about “Pixar”. You remember “Pixar” ? You know it’s an American production company of movie in pictures synthesis. It rocked your childhood and ours too. So we came inside “le musée d’art ludique”. A lot of people were inside. It’s because the exhibition were opened from October 2013, so it’s very recent. A multitude of drawings and small statues were presented. For example, we saw some sketches of the characters of “Ratatouille”, “Finding Nemo”, “Toy story” or “Cars”. Different techniques were used to make these drawings. Some of them were in color (paint, color pen…) and others were simpler, just with pencil or charcoal. It was very beautiful and it was exactly like in the movies.


 The Characters of Pixar movie Sketch of Toy story 1

Afterwards, we observed a mechanism called “Zootrope”. In fact, it’s a combination of rotation and stroboscopic, the light gives an illusion of movement. It was very funny ! At the end of the visit, we watched a short film about Pixar movie. We had the impression that it was in 3D but it wasn’t.

Then, we came back to the bus to return in “La Châtre”. We arrived about 23.00 p.m, we were very tired but it was an excellent day. Thank you to the organizers for this super trip !

Ps : We don’t have any picture of these two exhibitions because we didn’t have the right to take photo. 

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