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Publié : 20 novembre 2016
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Exploring New Worlds, part 2

Marie, Eline, Camille, Andrea, Louise, and Andrea, crafted a tale of tropical passion and jealousy, happily ending with the wedding of a girl explorer to the son of the Chief of the Tribe



The bride’s necklace is composed of forest leaves, and a pendant representing a Toucan, the tribe’s fetish bird, whose multicoloured feathers represent the natives’s values : harmony and diversity

Estelle, Sarah, Louise Chartier and Louise Chaumette related how they were stranded on an unknown island ; the natives, moved by their plight, gave them a piece of magnetic ore, with which they could build a compass to safely resume their sea -voyage :

Paul, Matthieu, Pierre, Oliver and THeo chronicled the infamous adventures of Captain Flame and his mercenary crew, as they plundered a lost underwater civilization aboard their submarine

The smiking statuette ripped off its pedestal by one of the unscrupulous seamen unleashed its spell on all the hapless members of the crew, who have been successively plagued with strange uncurable diseases

JUliette, Madeleine, Céline and Michèle, told how they enjoyed the hospitality of the Doxis, a people of minuscule elf-like dwellers of the Tropical Forest. They can fly, and build their tipi-shaped homes out of leaves and tree bark


A Doxi statue ( waving at a friend, or using improper sign language ? )

A Doxi home ( front and back )