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Publié : 6 décembre 2015
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The Baker Street Irregulars’ Awards - native speaker category

After a brief introduction to the life and times of the shrewdest sleuth of all times ( Sherlock Holmes, of course, you guessed it...), the 2nde euro pupils were required to write an apocryphal fragment of his adventures, in the style of his creator. The best stories were selected for publication in the school blog. The pair who won first prize of the " native speaker category" (= one member of the team is a native English speaker ) is Andréa BARDIOT and Oliver COULON

The Case of the Murder and the Suicide

Watson knocked on Sherlock’s door :
« Who is it ?
-Watson. Let me in.
-Yes, in a minute.
-Now please, it’s rather important », replied Watson with impatience.
He opened the door :
« What is so important ?
-I have a case.
-A good one ?
-Take a look for yourself. »
Sherlock took the newspaper :
« So ?
-Not bad.
-And ?
-What ?
-Get ready. We’re leaving. »
The police station was quiet. Everyone was mourning the death of the wife of constable Boris.
« Ah ! Mister Holmes ! It’s been a long time since our last case together », said the commissioner Graham.
« Certainly.
-As you may know, our dear Ermintrude has—
-I know. Take me to the crime scene, interrupted Holmes.
-Y-Yes, replied the commissioner, of course ;
-Sorry about him », added John.
On the way to the scene, the commissioner kept trying to start a conversation, but only ended up making the atmosphere more awkard.
« the case is a simple one, we think, started Graham.
-Tell me, replied Holmes.
-The victims are two women, Constable Boris’ wife and his maid. »
At the crime scene, Watson and Holmes gave their condolences to Boris. Then Holmes went straight to the murder scene. While he was examining the victims, nobody was speaking. Afterwards he asked to speak to Boris. He didn’t learn anything important but Holmes knew that Boris had secret relations with the maid, Miranda, because he found a love message in Miranda’s pocket.
The commissioner gave his version of events :
« We think that Miranda has killed Ermintrude so that she would have Boris for herself. When she realised what she had done, she killed herself by cutting her wrists. »

But Holmes wasn’t persuaded. « It’s simple, really... », the chief added.
« You’re wrong. Watson has told me that Ermintrude had bruises on her head, as if she had been hit. And Miranda did not kill herself, she suffocated. »
« What ? Said the commissioner with surprise.
-And there can be no other murderer than constable Boris ! »
Boris then started running. He was caught and brought back in front of Holmes.
« You have a drinking problem. There is a huge pile of bottles of alcohol downstairs. All empty.
-You’re right. I’m sorry Ermintrude, my love ! » He started to cry.
« In one of your drunken rampages, you murdered your wife. When innocent little Miranda found her body you put a rag over her mouth until she stopped moving. You then cut her wrists to make people think she commited suicide », explained Holmes.

Boris was arrested.
Watson congratulated Holmes :
« -It was a hard case, congratulations Holmes.