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Par : Louis
Publié : 12 février 2013
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The Aboriginal Art Museum

Trip to Paris - Visit with the school, January 9th 2013.

 The Aboriginal exhibition is part of the "Quai Branly", next to the Eiffel Tower.

It’s a modern museum, modern in the sense that it looks strange like a lot of new structures, like The Shard in London or the Grand Opera House in Sydney. In its basement, there is a vault within which old Aboriginal treasures are lurking. At the main part of the museum, are various artifacts, ranging from Aboriginal art to Asian costumes and much more. On the last floor of the museum, it feels like as soon as you enter one of the exhibitions, you enter a different place in time, it feels strange at first but then you get kind of used to it.

It’s nice taking a trip back into the past.

There are two kinds of timelines on the last floor of the museum, the Asian exhibition and the African one. They are at the same time similar and very different.

If any of my readers get the chance to go to Paris, I would advise you to go to the "Quai Branly". You will not be disappointed.