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  • The logbook of Hogwarts’s most talented witch ever... - Avril 2018

    Phyllis Cooper, Slytherin.
    My first trimester at Hogwarts huh…
    I arrived at Hogwarts, with my red-eyed black owl on my shoulder looking at all those idiots and incompetent wizards. Entering the hall I once again raised my chin upwards to show them my superiority, after all I already knew that I and my immense power would be recognized at Slytherin.
    In the crowded crowd waiting for the Sorting Hat, I saw a blonde girl. She sat on the stool and placed the hat on her head.
    « Hufflepuff (...)

  • The school for a magic life - Avril 2018

    23 September 2017
    Dear diary, today is my first day in Hogwarts. It’s really funny and a little scary. To take the train I had to run and throw myself into a wall, if was really funny. Upon our arrival at the school, professor McGonagall was waiting for us. She took us to a big room. The ceiling was beautiful, a starry night. I had been admiring this sky that amazed me for fifteen minutes when I heard « Loriane » ..the crowd was watching me. I advanced, and I saw the sorting hat that I had (...)

  • Diary of a Hogwarts student - Avril 2018

    At last ! i’m in the most prestigious school of a magic, HOGWARTS. And yes, i received my letter of admission eight months ago.
    After nearly missing the hogwarts express, i finally arrived at hogwarts six months ago.( one must say that the platform 9 3/4 is not very well indicated !)
    My first day went very well. During the sorting ceremony, the sorting hat distributed us among the different houses possible. Personally I have been assigned to Grynffindor.
    I forget the most (...)

  • Hello ! I’m Terry the English Assistant ! - Février 2017

    Hello everyone ! My name is Terry and I’m the English Assistant for 2016 - 17 here at Lycée George Sand.
    Where am I from ?
    I come from Liverpool, a large and modern city located in the north-west of England. Liverpool is an old city which was founded in 1207AD. During the 18th and 19th centuries Liverpool became a very busy, wealthy and important centre for commerce and trade. During this period Liverpool was heavily involved in the slave trade which was finally abolished in the UK (...)

  • Gothic Literature - Mars 2014

    Today, we want to talk with you about Gothic Litterature of the 18th century.
    Well, for us, french people, when we talk about this century, we immediatly think about the "Siècle des Lumières" ( the century of Enlightenment ) with of course Voltaire, Diderot and D’Alembert, etc... Actually those philosophic reflexions of the society of the time make us forget to talk about the Gothic Movement, which appeared in the second half of the century. This movement concerns a lot of things : art (in (...)

  • Caspar David Friedrich - Octobre 2013

    Caspar David Friedrich ( 1774-1840 ) was a 19th century German romantic painter, whose favorite subjects were still lives and landscapes.
    Wanderer above the Sea of Fog
    The man in the foreground staring into the distance is believed to be Friedrich himself. He depicts the mountains,the trees and the heavy mist above the sea ; the light from the bottom seems to be coming up from beneath the rock. The particularity of this painting is that the artist has mixed blues and pinks across (...)

  • John Henry Fuseli - Octobre 2013

    John Henry Fuseli - or Füssli- (1741-1825) was a British romantic painter and writer, born in Switzerland. His universe is remarkable for its gothic inspiration, and abounds with all manners of supernatural creatures, and demons. He also found inspiration in the works of Shakespeare, and in Milton’s Paradise Lost.
    He is considered as one of the most important English artists of the romantic movement, along with William Blake ( an English poet and painter ), who was his friend.
    His (...)

  • Go exchange in French - Octobre 2013

    Bonjour ! My name is Kuan-Wei, Sung.
    I am the exchange student from Taiwan.
    This is my first time to take plane by myself,
    I felt so nervous and excited.
    I was so far away from my sweet hometown ,
    and now I am in the most romantic and beautiful country — FRANCE.
    Many people were asking me’’Why do you want to come to France ?’’.
    Even myself wants to know the answer.
    Maybe there is a small France in my heart , it is so beautiful so relaxing.
    However ,when I arrived, I (...)

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Juin 2013

    Premiere L and I read a book called "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". It is an English language book for young children learning to read (It is very good, so feel free to read it if you get a chance). After reading it, we discussed all the elements which made it a good book and decided which were most important. I then asked the class to write a response to the story in any way they wanted.
    Here’s what they came up with :
    Florent and Thibault
    Once upon a time ; there was a little (...)

  • Student Union system in Hong Kong, par Long Ki, notre étudiante AFS hongkongaise. - Juin 2013

    Schools in Hong Kong are unlike the schools in France :
    we have to wear uniforms at schools, we don’t have a separate "collège" because collège and lycée are the same school, which we call secondary school.
    Our school has different houses( as in Harry Potter’s Hogwart School of Wizardry),
    which are called Wen, Xing, Zhong, Shin, and are represented by different colours. I am from the House of Shin. Therefore, my sport uniform is orange.
    My schoolmate is from the house of Wen. His (...)

  • Hong Kong style in France II - Mai 2013

    Last time, I talked about some tourist spots of Hong Kong. This time, let’s have a food tour in Hong Kong !
    There are different kinds of food in different countries. How much do you know about Chinese food or Cantonese food ? Only rice ? No, that’s just a small part of Chinese cuisine. Follow me and let’s "taste" the food together !
    1.Eggette (cantonese : Gai Dann Jai)
    Eggette is a kind of spherical pancake or ball waffle popular in the Cantonese-speaking regions of China, Hong Kong (...)

  • Rory’s song... lyrics and chord progression ! - Avril 2013

    Personne ne m’a dit.
    Intro D, A, C, G (x3)
    Couplet F, C, G, G7/Em (x4)
    Refrain F, A# (x2) F, A#, C
    Intro Couplet Refrain (x2) Couplet Refrain (x2) Couplet (x2)
    Refrain (x5)
    Quand je parle français, je sais pas ce que je fais
    Je fais toutes sortes d ’erreurs, c’est loin d’être parfait
    Ceux qui me connaissent savent que je suis anglais
    Mais ceux qui ne me connaissent pas pensent que je suis cinglé
    Donc, si vous avez 3 minutes, écoutez, s’il vous plait (...)

  • "Personne ne m’a dit" - Avril 2013

    Chers élèves,
    Je sais que l’anglais peut parfois être difficile, et que vous ne voulez pas faire d’ erreurs. Je voulais vous montrer que tout le monde peut se tromper et que c’est parfois la meilleure façon d’apprendre. Pour que vous ne vous souciez pas de vos erreurs et pour que vous puissiez parler anglais plus souvent, j’ai écrit cette chanson.
    Avant d’écouter, rappelez-vous que je chante comme une (...)

  • A trip to another world.. - Mars 2013

    On January 9th 2013, we were the lucky class which went to the Branly Museum, in order to see the exhibit of Aboriginal paintings.
    It was a fascinating introduction into a colourful and wonderful culture.
    So, we traveled to Papunya, in Australia.
    We learnt about Aboriginal traditions, the Aboriginal way of painting and drawing to represent the things that they loved or admired. We were transported into another universe, simply by looking at the numerous masterpieces on every (...)

  • Hong Kong style in France - Mars 2013

    Hello ! I am Long Ki Wong. I am Chinese or you should call me a Hong Kong girl. I’ve come to France for a year on a culture exchange program, [AFS->http://www.afs-fr.org. Here, I would like to share my home, my life, my culture with you.
    Hong Kong is a special administrative region (SAR) of China. Its name means a fragrant habour. It has its own government which is independent from China. Hong Kong is special because it once was a british colony for 99 years. Many aspects of Hong Kong (...)

  • Day in Paris  - Mars 2013

    On the 9th of January 2013, I went to Paris for a trip to visit two museums. They are Musee de la musique and Musee du quai Branly. But before the tour of the museums, we went to a bookstore which is called Shakespeare And Company.
    The bookstore sells English books mainly. But it also sells some Asian books. I saw there are some Japanese and Chinese designer books. The prices of the books here are suitable. You can find old books here too. Their prices are cheaper !! A pity is that I (...)

  • The puzzling "serinette" - Janvier 2013

    Wednesday, january 9th, we visited la Cité de la Musique in Paris. In addition to the Django Reinhardt periodic exhibit, we admired the impressive permanent collection of music intruments, which made us travel through time and all around the world.
    We not only saw richly decorated samples of traditional instruments such as the viola,the guitar, drum (or their exotic and oriental equivalents), we also discovered strange and instruments , like the "Octobass", ( a three meter high doublebass (...)

  • Dearly beloved Hair... - Janvier 2013

    Wednesday, 9th, we visited the Quai Branly museum and as we were curious, after a visit of the aboriginals exhibition, we decided to have a look into the part of the museum which was dedicated to hair.
    And after a visit devoted to the hairstyles of stars such Ava Gardner or Brigitte Bardot and the discover of Marie-Antoinette’s haircut, we had quite a shock when we faced mummies and shrunken heads.
    But we managed to stifle our horrified screams, and we remained stoic and dignified (as (...)

  • In love with Shakespeare .... ! - Janvier 2013

    On Wednesday, January 9, the Première L, BPCB Bac Pro and Seconde Européenne students enjoyed a field trip to Paris. Our first stop was at the world-famous Shakespeare and Company, situated in the Latin Quarter, by the banks of the Seine, just in front of Notre Dame. This place exudes a baroque atmosphere that enchanted us, it is a unique, surreal shelter where the mottos is « Literature ». At once tiny, quaint and cozy, it harbours a huge variety of books for all ages and (...)

  • Poem inspired by Edward Hopper’s 1943 painting, Summertime - Février 2012

    Summertime is coming
    With all its joys and charms
    The sun is showering
    Warm caresses on bare arms.
    No longer a young girl but soon a woman
    She is waiting, waiting... for the summer to end,
    slightly afraid to feel
    The sweetness in the air.
    Yet she tries, and to look good,
    steps outside to confront this light which she fears.
    She has put on her best dress,
    And wears her hat like a tiara.
    The door is open. She has surrendered
    To this beautiful enemy. (...)

  • Poem inspired by Edward Hopper’s 1927 painting, Automat - Février 2012

    Who was this woman ?
    Who waited every day,
    Every time at this place
    Who did she wait for ?
    Who was this woman ?
    With these modern coat and hat,
    With this lost gaze,
    Who was she ?
    Who was this woman ?
    Who sat every day in this chair,
    Who every day ordered a cup of coffee
    Who was this woman ?
    Who was this woman ?
    With only a black glove,
    With this posture
    Who was this woman ?
    Who was this woman ?
    Who obsesses (...)

  • A letter to... - Février 2012

    "Heigh ho. Goodnight everybody" A.Ross.

  • Poem inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s painting, Christina’s teapot (1968) - Janvier 2012

    Left alone
    On the table
    Mrs Teapot
    Seems so distraught
    It’s been a while
    Since her mistress ’s been on exile
    She seems so tired
    This little teapot over there
    Maybe she ’s seen too many things
    Maybe she is upset having no one to talk to
    upset with the strange atmosphere
    Of this mansion down here
    There’s a crack on the teapot
    Just like her mistress’s mind
    She left her, it’s been a while
    Since that man in black took her (...)

  • Poem inspired by Edward Hopper’s painting, Summer evening - Janvier 2012

    The Rendez-Vous
    I arrived at the party
    I knew that tonight would be different
    And then I understood
    A simple glance is sufficient
    My heart began to pound
    Suddendly, an urge invaded me
    Hold you against me
    And never let you go
    And that’s when I realized
    What your voice, your eyes, your gestures
    Had woken in me
    This love that I had lost
    We danced together
    We talked about everything and nothing
    As if strong ties
    Had always bound us together (...)

  • Poem inspired by Edward Hopper’s painting, New York Restaurant (1922) - Janvier 2012

    The place is crowded
    They all came to feed
    She puts her fur coat on her chair
    She could take off her hat, but she doesn’t dare
    She will be up all night
    In this restaurant so tight
    She is listening to the people speaking
    Her paramour seems to be boring
    His clowning doesn’t make her laugh
    Lots of drinks he ’s bought
    And he swallows them elegantly
    She wants to be (...)

  • Poème inspiré d’un tableau d’Edward Hopper : The Gas Station ( 1940 ) - Janvier 2012

    Gas station, yes.
    Empty sky moonless, sunless
    An ephemeral moment between day and night.
    Atmosphere still full of memories.
    Many couples stopped,
    Some kissed, embraced,
    Other tore at each other and split,
    Finally, other formed in this unusual place.
    Friends, out of gas,
    Pushed their car so far
    Pushed with their exhausted laughter
    And their filled-up car roared away again
    The little man working the pumps,
    Small, sneaky, skeletal dry,
    Looked at them (...)

  • TEX AVERY MANIA ... et la fièvre du loup brûle en toi ! - Janvier 2012

    A la suite de la séance de Lycéens au Cinéma consacrée au court métrage, certains élèves, profondément marqués par le dessin animé "Red Hot Riding Hood", se sont essayés à reproduire les voix des personnages. Entreprise ambitieuse et ardue, qui a d’ailleurs été la cause de plusieurs effondrements nerveux.
    "Good evening kiddies ! Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood went skipping through the woods - she was going to her grandmother’s house to bring grandma a basket of nice goodies… But… waiting in (...)

  • Representation of the American Dream through the work of Norman Rockwell - Décembre 2011

    Norman Rockwell ( born 1894, New Jersey ) was not only a keen observer of the everyday reality of XXth century American life, he has also greatly contributed to shape the representation that Americans had ( and still have ) of themselves.
    His most famous paintings in that respect are probably the Four Freedom series, which were published by the Saturday Evening Post during four consecutive weeks, and were a response to President FD Roosevelt’s 1941 State of the Union Speech.
    In this (...)

  • Double- entendre in Norman Rockwell’s paintings - Décembre 2011

    Norman Rockwell took his inspiration from scenes of everydaylife. His illustrations often represented children and their games, or the moments of transition in their lives. This outstanding artist is considered as the painter of idyllic, innocent rural or small town life. We are going to show that this is not always the case, and that very often, he managed to introduce a sexual innuendo into his paintings.
    Girl at the mirror
    Here, Rockwell has represented a girl who is (...)

  • Norman Rockwell : First love - Décembre 2011

    Gazing at the moon : this famous picture was the front cover of the April 24 1926 issue of the Saturday Evening Post ; it represents two children sitting on a wooden bench , looking at the moon.
    This is an idyllic vision of America : these two children seem to be from the middle class , they are lovingly leaning on each other’s shoulder, as they watch the moon. The girl’s pigtails and the boy’s patched-up short pant remind us of Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher ( Tom’s sweetheart in Mark (...)

  • Girl at Mirror : Norman Rockwell and the representation of Innocence - Novembre 2011

    This painting represents a young girl, as she becomes aware of her feminity.
    She wants to be like the movie-star on the cover of the magazine which is open on her knees. The child compares herself to the ideal of feminity popularized by the media
    This canon of beauty is very important for this little girl, who has chosen it as her model. She hopes to be as pretty and as perfect as this lady. Norman Rockwell shows that children want to grow up too fast.
    The make-up and lipstick (...)

  • Norman Rockwell, a defender of equality - Novembre 2011

    Norman Rockwell told the story of the society he lived in throughout his paintings .
    His favourite themes were family, music, childhool, home, old age... He rarely illustrated political or subjects like such as the fight for equality of civil rights and poverty. This famous illustration, entitled THE PROBLEM WE ALL LIVE WITH is a denunciation of segregation.
    It was published in the magazine Look in 1963, and it shows Ruby Bridges, a little african- american girl who is going to (...)

  • A few parodies of Norman Rockwell’s "Freedom From Want" painting. - Novembre 2011

    In 1943, during the Second World War, Norman Rockwell painted the Four Freedoms series, which was inspired by a speech by Franklin D.Roosevelt, in which he described four principles for universal rights : Freedom from Want, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Worship, and Freedom from Fear. The painting that we shall describe speak in this article is probably the most famous.
    It represents a happy middle class family about to eat the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. The title "OURS...to fight (...)

  • Un Lycée très européen ! - Juin 2011

    Der Austausch zwischen La Châtre und Wasserburg existiert seit zwölf Jahren und diese zwei Städten werden bald eine Stadtpartnerschaft planen.
    The students who went to England were welcomed by londoners. WASSERBURG
    Wasserburg ist eine Stadt von 12000 Bewohnern. Täglich kommen zahlreiche Studenten (ungefähr 6000) in den Allgemeinbildenden Schulen.
    Wir sind im Luitpold Gymnasium mit unseren Austauschpartnern gewesen.
    Wir haben eine tolle Stadtführung in Landshut gemacht. Diese Stadt ist (...)

  • Concert for Hanami in Crozant - Avril 2011

    On Sunday, April 3rd, in the arboretum of La Sédelle, Hideaki Tsuji (who plays the shamisei, a traditional guitar) and Emiko Ota (percussions and singing ) had offered to the people who haven’t been afraid of the weather a great performance for Hanami (Japanese popular party bound to the flowering time of the cherry tree).
    For us, the season was already passed, but, as Mr Hideaki said , the flower cover in the garden was great too , and the japanese poets know how to find beauty into each (...)

  • An Assistant’s Experience in France - Avril 2011

    I had never been to France before this year.
    Being a student of languages, I had always wanted to go, but my parents preferred Florida for our summer holidays, and convinced me that the Disneyland in Orlando was much better than the one in Paris, and, as they didn’t speak French, going to America would make everything much simpler.
    I had also been to Spain, the Canaries and the Balearic Islands multiple times, with friends, family and school, so the Iberian Peninsula held no mystery for (...)