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Par : Loriane
Publié : 11 avril 2018
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The school for a magic life

23 September 2017

Dear diary, today is my first day in Hogwarts. It’s really funny and a little scary. To take the train I had to run and throw myself into a wall, if was really funny. Upon our arrival at the school, professor McGonagall was waiting for us. She took us to a big room. The ceiling was beautiful, a starry night. I had been admiring this sky that amazed me for fifteen minutes when I heard « Loriane » ..the crowd was watching me. I advanced, and I saw the sorting hat that I had been hearing about since my brother put it on his head to be in the same class. It was my moment, my life’s moment ! I knew my class and the sorting hat too, since no sooner had I put it upon my head that it screamed « GRYFFINDOR » ! A great witch is born and they are not ready !

25 September 2017

My first potionclass is not fabulous ! My potion exploded in the face of Professo Snape. A second year passing by the open door laughed a lot when he saw that . He was a handsome, tall, smiling redhead. But I was not smiling when Snape sent me to detention.

15 October 2017

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!!!!!! I’m part of the quidditch team ! The goal of the game is not simple : you must catch the golden snitch. It’s a small gold ball that flies at incredible speed. And yet I managed to catch it... I do not know how I did, maybe a stroke of luck ... What can I say ? I am the best witch of my time ! I succeeded because I have the capabilities . I then attended my first practice, I am a catcher. They explained to us each of the different balls involved in this game, there are four of them . But I only take care of Golden Snitch. I loved this training session and the others. What’s more, this second year that I saw during potions, he is really cute, his name is Fred Wesley.

15 June 2018

I’m sorry I did not write the rest of my year but I was very busy. Gryffindor is the class with the most points. Then the ballroom of prom was decorated in the colors of our class. For the prom ball I was wearing a long black dress with a black lace top, and black pumps. I made myself the most beautiful for my date ..... FRED !!!!! And yes we have been going steady for a few months. We got closer the day I grabbed the Golden Snitch during the final and we won the match thanks to me. My year at Hogwarts has been magical ! I am looking forward to coming back next year to improve and become the best witch of my time. Goodbye and see you next year.