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Par : Elisa
Publié : 10 janvier 2012
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Poème inspiré d’un tableau d’Edward Hopper : The Gas Station ( 1940 )

Gas station, yes.

Empty sky moonless, sunless

An ephemeral moment between day and night.

Atmosphere still full of memories.


Many couples stopped,

Some kissed, embraced,

Other tore at each other and split,

Finally, other formed in this unusual place.


Friends, out of gas,

Pushed their car so far

Pushed with their exhausted laughter

And their filled-up car roared away again


The little man working the pumps,

Small, sneaky, skeletal dry,

Looked at them from behind his counter

Remembering each face that passed the threshold of his station.


One day, it caught fire,

Everything was destroyed...

All the memories went up in smoke in one moment,

The embraces, the voices, the bursts of laughter...