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Par : Long Ki
Publié : 3 mars 2013
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Day in Paris 

visit the museums


On the 9th of January 2013, I went to Paris for a trip to visit two museums. They are Musee de la musique and Musee du quai Branly. But before the tour of the museums, we went to a bookstore which is called Shakespeare And Company.


The bookstore sells English books mainly. But it also sells some Asian books. I saw there are some Japanese and Chinese designer books. The prices of the books here are suitable. You can find old books here too. Their prices are cheaper !! A pity is that I bought nothing. (cry…)

The bookstore is a very old place. I like the upstairs. It is a library which offers a comfortable reading room with many old books. What I like it the most is there are a bookshelf of “staff recommended”. The staff wrote a memo to explain why it is recommended and stick on the book. I think that is a very good idea to share the opinion of books. I remembered that when I was in Hong Kong, I did the same thing when I was a librarian at school. The readers would write feedbacks on my memo to agree or disagree with my opinions. 

After the visit of the bookstore, it was time to go to the museums !!!

The Musée de la musique is housed within the Cité de la musique. There are over 1000 period instruments and art objects which are rare and extraordinary pieces. I like the harpsichords and the clavichords of the 18th century. They are really intensive and meticulous. Because I learn piano, I really wanted to have a try on them !!! But that is impossible (T^T),as the public is of course not allowed to touch the objects in the museum.

The museum is divided into 5 parts : 17th century (birth of the opera), 18th century(music of the Enlightenment), 19th century (Romantic Europe), 20th century(history on the move) and Music of the world(different instruments of the world). I met my friend Koto (an instrument of Chinain the Music of the world !

And at the Django Reinhardt exhibition, I found a piece of music I like very much.

It is Topsy. (Come and click in to hear it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYrFWPyWiaw-)

Actually, I understood nothing because all is in French. But music is not a language, I enjoy the music. There are little boxes for the audience to enjoy the songs of Django.

Look ! Here are my souvenirs ! I bought a post card and a pencil with a little guitar of Django !

Then, we went to Musée du quai Branly !

We visited an exhibition of Aborigines paintings. I found it is interesting. It is a bit like Chinese characters, pictograms, different images symbolize different meanings. I could guess the meaning that image which looks like a wave is water ! But the other images are too difficult to understand…
I felt a bit bored with those painting although there are mystery stories behind them. Those painting with white dots that made my eyes feel uncomfortable. Because of that, I went to another topic exhibition “Des histories tirees par les cheveux”. I was shocked to see a cape entirely woven out of human hair. It is a very interesting exhibition . One could never have imagined that hair could be such a fascinating theme for an exhibition !