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Par : Chloé
Publié : 11 avril 2018
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Diary of a Hogwarts student

At last ! i’m in the most prestigious school of a magic, HOGWARTS. And yes, i received my letter of admission eight months ago.

After nearly missing the hogwarts express, i finally arrived at hogwarts six months ago.( one must say that the platform 9 3/4 is not very well indicated !) 

My first day went very well. During the sorting ceremony, the sorting hat distributed us among the different houses possible. Personally I have been assigned to Grynffindor.

I forget the most important, i had the right to take an animal with me, like all the other students. I choose a cat that I named Amé. I should have taken another animal, a wiser one let’s say ! Besides catching the toads and owls, Amé doe nothing but sleep and eat ! Anyway...

Ah yes, I was stuck in detentious for two hours yesterday for launching the spell "petricus tatalus", on a Slytherin student , Sovrus. There are obviously other wizards of this house who are not as annoying as him.

Today, I visited Hagrid because I had some free time. He again found an egg of ... I don’t know what creature it is. Dear old Hagrid !(He is a kind of school teacher).

As for as my classmates, they are all pretty cool.

Oh, by the way, I met the famous Harry Potter ! He’s not that cool in truth... I ’m a little disappointed because he is a very famous wizard and everyone praises him. Oh one of my potion classes that went wrong ! I managed the feat of blowing up my cauldron because i was wrong in the proportions of the formula ! I felt rather bad.

I’m also part of the Quidditch team, by the way I have Quidditch practice in ten minutes !


I have to go, Quidditch classes do not wait ! Or rather, our teacher, Mrs Rolanda Hooch does not wait ! I will tell you more about its péripeties later, promised ! 

Chloé Loeuillet