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Publié : 3 février 2017
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Hello ! I’m Terry the English Assistant !

Hello everyone ! My name is Terry and I’m the English Assistant for 2016 - 17 here at Lycée George Sand.

C’est moi !

Where am I from ?

Liverpool, ma ville de naissance.

I come from Liverpool, a large and modern city located in the north-west of England. Liverpool is an old city which was founded in 1207AD. During the 18th and 19th centuries Liverpool became a very busy, wealthy and important centre for commerce and trade. During this period Liverpool was heavily involved in the slave trade which was finally abolished in the UK in the 1800s.

Due to its location and its port, my home city was involved in borth World Wars, especially World War II when the city and its docks were heavily bombed by the German Air Force.

Since 1945 Liverpool has becomme a busy, modern and cosmopolitan city. In 2008 the city was the European Capital of Culture.

Things to see and do in Liverpool :

As Liverpool is a busy and lively city there are plenty of things to see and do. For the football lovers you will be glad to know that Liverpool is well known for football and has not one, but two football teams. You may have heard of Liverpool football club but there is also another team called Everton (my favourite !)

Les deux stades de Liverpool : Everton (bleu) et Anfield.


If you’re an art lover you will be spoilt for choice as Liverpool has many art galleries, the two most famous are the Walker Art gallery and the Tate Modern.

If you fancy seeing a show you can head down to the Liverpool Playhouse or the Everyman Theatre, the two main theatres in Liverpool, I even went to the Playhouse once to watch an adaptation of Molière’s Tartuffe​ and Le malade imaginaire !

If you like to pick up a bargain there are plenty of boutique shops and three big shopping centres to be found, you’re sure to find something you like ! 
Also, don’t miss out on Liverpool’s stunning architecture, we have the most listed buildings in the UK after London.

Scouse :

Sois calme et sois scouse.

If you happen to be in Liverpool or happen to hear people talking about Liverpool you will most likely hear the word ’scouse’. This word can mean three things, it is used to refer to someone or something from Liverpool, it can also mean the local dialect and accent or it can mean the local dish, a hearty, filling stew made up of meat sauce, beef, potatoes and vegetables. Perfect to eat in the cold winter months !

Scouse, le ragoût local de Liverpool

A little bit about me...

I was born and raised in Liverpool until I left at 18 to go to university in Wales. Whilst in Wales I studied French and Italian, learning the languages and their cultures through history, literature and film. During this time I spent a semester in Lyon and a semester in Udine, Italy (I lived on pizza, pasta and gelato - these are the three most important words you will ever need in Italian !)

After graduating from university I went to work in Moscow for a short period to gain experience teaching English as a foreign language. I then went to Gibraltar (a small British overseas territory on the south of Spain) where I worked in the customer service team for a bookmaker called Ladbrokes. In October last year, I arrived here in La châtre to begin working as this year’s English assistant.

My family and my hobbies :

Back in Liverpool are my dad, who is 54 and works as a builder and my nan (grandmother) who will be 81 in May ! I also have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins ! I also have two sisters called Jess and Olivia, Jess will be 21 this year and Olivia will turn 16. I also have an older brother called Michael who is 31.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, reading and I like to swim (luckily the swimming pool isn’t far away !)

Don’t be a stranger !..

If you see me around school or going about my business in town, please don’t be shy, say ’hello !’

      See you around ! Or as we say in Liverpool, ta-ra for now !

                            Terry :)