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Publié : 2 décembre 2011
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Norman Rockwell : First love

Gazing at the moon : this famous picture was the front cover of the April 24 1926 issue of the Saturday Evening Post ; it represents two children sitting on a wooden bench , looking at the moon.

This is an idyllic vision of America : these two children seem to be from the middle class , they are lovingly leaning on each other’s shoulder, as they watch the moon. The girl’s pigtails and the boy’s patched-up short pant remind us of Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher ( Tom’s sweetheart in Mark Twain’s legendary novel ). They’re the symbol of an America where Freedom and Happiness are the most important thing. They are just back from an afternoon of fishing ( there’s a fishing rod and a can of worms at the foot of the bench ) ; but their love and the beauty of the full moon are so strong that they are oblivious to everything around them, including the little puppy, which is patiently waiting.

By the way, « Puppy love » is the second title that Norman Rockwell gave this picture.

The phrase « puppy love » ( also known as « calf love » or « kitten love » designates the feeling of love felt by young people during childhood of adolescence, ( because of its resemblance to the adoring affection that may be felt by a puppy

This picture makes us feel a bit nostalgic

and it makes us long both for the old days, ( the « golden age » when life seemed simple and carefree ) and the freedom and innocence of childhood.