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Publié : 17 juin 2013
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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Premiere L and I read a book called "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". It is an English language book for young children learning to read (It is very good, so feel free to read it if you get a chance). After reading it, we discussed all the elements which made it a good book and decided which were most important. I then asked the class to write a response to the story in any way they wanted.

Here’s what they came up with :

Florent and Thibault

Once upon a time ; there was a little rabbit who lived in a far away country in a deep rabbit hole. He lived there with his mother, Mom Rabbit. Mom Rabbit and he were very happy.

One day the rabbit decided to leave the hole because he was bored. So, he left the burrow while his mom was cooking.

It was the first time that he saw outdoors and it was fantastic. There were so many things to see. If he wanted to see everything, he had to start from the beginning : the woods in front of the rabbit hole.


Eventually, he didn’t know where he was. He had been gone for two hours and had not once stopped walking. All the trees looked identical and he had the feeling he was going in circles. There were many noises around him, which were terrifying. Ten minutes before, he had seen some movement in the bush, as if there were an animal, maybe even a wolf, in it. He was so anxious.

Then he heard a cry far, far away in the woods ; a cry which called him

"My little rabbit. Back home, my honey !"

and he answered "Ok mom rabbit"

And he went home, he was so happy.

Lolita, Julianne and Perrine

Dug the Caterpillar.

Once upon a time, a little caterpillar called Dug was eating a giant sandwich. Actually, this cute caterpillar was hungry all the time, and he ate everything he found.

A sandwich seemed to be good ? Ok, he ate it ! An apple was very big and red ? Ok, he ate it ! An ice cream looked fantastic ? Ok, he ate it !

The Caterpillar lived near a big house in which rich people lived. They had a lot of food ; it was a paradise to him.

One week, the family decided to go on vacation and so there was nothing to eat except a yoghurt. To him, it didn’t matter, the caterpillar was hungry and so he decided to eat it.

However, he didn’t know that the yoghurt was mouldy...

That night, the caterpillar felt very bad and suddenly he transformed into a big cocoon.

He was very happy, because he knew that he would become a wonderful butterfly the next morning.

So, he slept all night and when he woke up slowly, he began to fly, overjoyed, but when he went over to the river to contemplate and see himself, he did not see a butterfly... but a bat !

Emmeline and Justine



When the caterpillar awakened he had become a beautiful butterfly full of beautiful colours.

He flew all day long. He landed on the most beautiful flowers and then continued flying. That was his first day.

The second day, in the afternoon, a shadow appeared ; the owner was a hungry bird and it wanted to eat the butterfly. The bird flew at the butterfly and tried to eat it, but at the last moment, the butterfly took off and the bird missed him. The bird hurtled into the ground and knocked himself out.

However, the next morning, the butterfly moved more slowly. He landed on a flower and began to sleep. He would sleep forever.

But suddenly, a great man appeared, he saw the butterfly and carefully took it and put it in a box.

The beautiful butterfly is now in a great big house with thousands of other butterflies like it, and everybody, even you, can see it.




We hope you all liked the stories and had fun with the pictures. Well done to Premiere L.