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Par : Phyllis
Publié : 11 avril 2018
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The logbook of Hogwarts’s most talented witch ever...

Phyllis Cooper, Slytherin.

My first trimester at Hogwarts huh…

I arrived at Hogwarts, with my red-eyed black owl on my shoulder looking at all those idiots and incompetent wizards. Entering the hall I once again raised my chin upwards to show them my superiority, after all I already knew that I and my immense power would be recognized at Slytherin.
In the crowded crowd waiting for the Sorting Hat, I saw a blonde girl. She sat on the stool and placed the hat on her head.
« Hufflepuff ! » He shouted.
When she was at her table, I stared at her with an evil eye...
« Hufflepuff...Really... » I sighed disgustedly, as I watched all those morons dutifully seating on the stool one by one.

As soon as my turn had come, the Sorting Hat trembled : « S-Slytherin »
I did a big smile and went to my table and sat waiting for the meal that appeared a few seconds later by magic. After dinner,the elders took us to our dorms. In the stairs, I shoved all my schoolmates out of the way, til I bumped into a blond guy just as arrogant as me, who refused to budge : Draco Malfoy. I took the direction of my room and went to bed, with the hooting of my owl.

I also remembered my meeting with my friends today …

At breakfast, the day after the ceremony, I met a girl from Ravenclaw, Cho Chang... She pushed me... Something to avoid in the morning. The poor girl.. I had barely touched her shoulder, and she started crying.
« Do not ever jostle me again, you pathetic twerp, that’s understood ? » I threatened.
She did not answer and went to her table. Behind me, another Ravenclaw pupil, Albane had been watching us.
« This moron gets on my nerves ! I said.
- Mine too ... Thanks for silencing her. » She told me
We talked for a while and that was how our friendship started.
Later that day, I had a potion class with the Gryffindor students. Since I did not sympathize with anyone, I ended up working with Dereck. I was chatting a little with him until I discovered he was a rather special Gryffindor...He had a character totally opposite to the house that had been attributed to him ... He should have come to Slytherin...Why had the sorting hat put Dereck in a house for so-called heroes...So all along Mr. Snape’s potion lesson we got to know each other, he confessed to me that he was helpless in potion preparation ;  so I put my incredible talent into action to prevent him from losing points. But I had just finished my potion when Dereck blew up the contents of his cauldron into the back of Mr. Snape. We could see he was wearing white underwear. I could not help but laugh all through the rest of the lesson with Dereck...And the best thing about that was that Mr. Snape did not notice that we saw his underwear.

Then the days and weeks passed, my grades were perfect and the lessons with Dereck were fun, everything was just boss.

But one day in a hallway I met Angélique, the blond Hufflepuff girl I had seen during the ceremony...Miss perfect. I looked at her one more time with dark eyes, as every time I could see her. That time she answered me...
« A problem ? » She had asked me almost nastily.
The spell Limacius eructo was the only answer I could give her, she was already beginning to vomit slugs...Hilarious ! Angélique tried to fight back...But nothing came out of her wand and I used the spell Reducto to break her glasses.

Ah ! Also...I had left my room at night, many times, to go to the forbidden forest to see the unicorns that could be there...Yes I can unicorn language fluently and with a perfect accent, it’s not my fault if I’m so unbearably talented.

Then one evening I heard Dereck talk to Angélique and Albane about wanting to go to the Forbidden Forest. I decided to follow them after talking to Derek and even if I did not like Angélique it was not going to stop me from seeing my unicorn friends. We started our way to the forest, it was pitch dark and full of noises growls coming from the center of the woods. It was then that centaurs sprang from a part of the forest to tell us that a unicorn was wounded, they lead us to the poor beast, who was lying on the ground. The others were terrified but I had decided to approach the unicorn to talk to her and treat her with the spell Vulnera Sanentur.
She recovered after a few minutes, Angélique, her head lowered, was approaching me to shake my hand and thank me for saving the unicorn. Miss perfect became my friend in an original way... So it did not bother me at all. When the unicorn was fully recovered from her wounds, Angélique asked me to take the her with us, so to hide it I used the spell Reducio and she placed the unicorn in her pocket,very happy.

For a first term at Hogwarts I think it’s not bad...