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Par : Thomas
Publié : 8 décembre 2012
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North by Northwest, a film packed with suspense and action.

North by Northwest (La mort aux trousses) is a 1959 american thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Roger Thornhill is an average middle class citizen but as a result of a misunderstanding he will be kidnapped and tracked. Throughout the film there is a high voltage tension, with this theme of the innocent guy wrongly accused - which is one of Hitchcock’s favorite trademarks !

Hitchcock keeps us on our toes even in the iconic scene with the plane (used for the film poster ) : we expect Rogers to take the bus but he remains on the side of this lonely country road in the middle of nowhere . A plane hovers in the sky : this is the sort of plane used to spray pesticide on the crops- except there are no crops in the bare fields ! The plane starts chasing Roger , shooting at him with a machine gun. He desperately runs for his life, and barely escapes death as a truck stops in front of him and the plane crashes into  it.

. . .

Rogers becomes a hero in spite of himself, as he manages to arrest the bad guys ( cold war spies ) after a breath taking and deadly game of hide and seek on the stone faces of presidents carved into the rock of Mount Rushmore.