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  • The Globe Theatre - Mai 2015

    During our trip in England, we visited the famous Globe Theatre where many of Shakespeare’s plays were performed. The original Globe was built in 1599 by Richard Burbage. Its modern reconstruction opened in 1997.When we were in the theatre we saw that it was circular like an Elisabethan’s theatre but we already knew about this particular shape thanks to the film Shakespeare in Love. The Elisabethan theatre has lodges behind the scene but we didn’t visit them.
    We noticed that there was a (...)

  • The British Science Museum - Mai 2015

    The Science Museum was founded in 1852 by Bennet Woodcroft from the collection of the Royal Society of Arts and surplus of the World Fair, in the South Kensington Museum, now the Victoria and Albert Museum. It included a collection of machines that became in 1858 the Museum of patents (Museum of Patents) and the Patent Office Museum (Patent Office Museum) in 1863. This collection included many of the most famous pieces of the Science Museum. In 1883, the contents of the Museum of the Patent (...)

  • Tower Bridge - Mai 2015

    In the 19th century, the city of London is sorely lacking means to cross the river. Several solutions are proposed so as to set up a system of shuttles which makes the connection between two banks but this idea is very fast abandoned. The city decides then to throw a big competition to build abridge answering a very precise criterion : crossing the river without hampering (bothering) the commercial traffic. Thus, the main criterion is to enable the boats to pass, whether they are tall (...)

  • The Victoria & Albert Museum - Mai 2015

    Victoria and Albert museum
    On monday the 16 th we visited the victoria and albert museum . It is one of the biggest museum of decorative arts and design. It has got 4 500 000 million objets. It was founded in 1852 just after the Great exhibition. It was known as the museum of manufactures.
    Each one of us has chosen a subject, so we shall first tell you about chinese porcelain, then the Arts and Crafts movement and finally the dresses of women.
    The V and A is a huge building with (...)

  • Kettle’s Yard - Mai 2015

    Kettle’s yard is the house where Jim Ede and his wife Helen used to live in Cambridge.
    Jim Ede worked at the Tate Gallery in London in the 1920s and 1930s as a curator. That’s where he met some of the most promising young artists from London, and befriended them ( Ben and Winifred Nicholson or Henry Moore... ). Fascinated with their work, he began to gather a remarkable collection of paitings and sculptures.
    In 1921 Jim married Helen. He retired from the Tate in 1936, to (...)

  • King’s College ( Cambridge ) - Mai 2015

    King’s College that we visited the last day of our trip represents one of the most famous monuments in Cambridge.
    I-Its foundation
    It was founded by Henri VI. He laid the first stone of the college’s Old court on 2 april 1441. And the same year he created the Choir of King’s College, to sing on his chapel which remains the principal task of the choir today. Henri VII and Henry VIII modified the plan of the college and it was finished in 1515. Until 186,5 only students from public school (...)

  • National Gallery - Avril 2015

    In the National Gallery Museum there are lots of paintings but the ones which have struck us are the paintings representing countryside and landscape. These themes have always been chosen by painters but we have chosen three painting which are really realistic and beautiful from our view point. Paintings 1250 to 1500 :
    The common paintings of this medieval period are religious, made for altars in churches or for private devotion. In the 15th century, portraits and scenes from ancient (...)


    Here are pictures of the strange human specimens inside the bus
    (only a few pictures, because too many at once might cause the blog to crash - check out for more in the coming days )

  • Les voyageurs sont bien arrivés à Colchester ! - Février 2015

    Succès de la première étape de l’Opération "Guillaume le Conquérant Bis" : les François ont débarqué sur la terre anglaise...

  • Voyage à CAMBRIDGE ! Demandez le programme ! - Janvier 2015

    Le voyage en Grande Bretagne organisé par le lycée G. Sand avec le soutien de la Région dans le cadre Trans- Europe- Centre aura lieu du 15 au 21 février 2015. Ce voyage est financé en majeure partie par la Région, ainsi que par le lycée.
    40 élèves de 1ère y prendront part, encadrés par 4 accompagnateurs : M. Savarin, Mme Picaud, et M. Lécrivain ( professeurs ), et Mme Camargo ( assistante de langues ). Une réunion d’information à l’intention des voyageurs et de leur famille aura lieu le jeudi 15 (...)

  • From Cambridge with love, day five - Avril 2014

    On Day Five, we visited the wonderful Globe Theater, picnicked on the banks, crossed the Thames and walked up to Tower Pier, whence we took a boat which brought us to Westminster Pier. We then walked to National Gallery ( alas, no pictures to share with you ! Cameras were forbidden ... and at 18:00, Greenwich Meridian Time, our coach driver picked us up for the long ride home.

  • From Cambridge with love, day four - Avril 2014

    Thursday morning was devoted to the discovery of Monach Farm, an organic farm specializing in sheep, cattle, pigs, and goat dairy

    In the afternoon we visited the Green Britain Ecotech Center,where we viewed films and objects explaining the virtues of clean energy, and we climbed up a wind turbine

  • From Cambridge with love, day three - Avril 2014

    Duxford’s Imperial War Museum kept us busy the whole morning of the third day. Even if you’re not a history buff or a militaria lover, this fabulous place is bound to put you in a trance. Everything pertaining to man’s struggle against the laws of gravity is explained in details, and there are incredibly rich displays of military and civilian plans, in seven huge warehouses.

    In the afternoon, we came to Cambridge for our scheduled boat cruise down the Cam. (...)

  • From Cambridge with love, day two... - Avril 2014

    In the morning we visited the Museum of Docklands, an authentic warehouse by the side of a canal lined with cranes, converted into a fabulous museum retracing the history of the docks, and their role in the prosperity of the British Colonial Empire
    During WWII, the docks were a crucial turning point providing supplies to the Allies, and therefore they were a prime target for german bombers.
    The afternoon was devoted to the visit of the Victoria and Albert museum, the world’s largest (...)

  • From Cambridge with love, day one (continued ) - Avril 2014

  • From Cambridge with love, day one... - Avril 2014

  • Tout se passe bien ! - Mars 2014

    Des lycéens enchantés. Des hôtes sympathiques. Des visites passionnantes.
    Voilà le dernier bulletin d’informations reçu de nos voyageurs en Angleterre.
    Après la lumineuse journée ensoleillée de lundi, le froid a succédé mardi pour la visite de Londres, et aujourd’hui, la pluie est au rendez-vous, mais elle n’a pas empêché sept braves de faire la promenade prévue en barque sur la Cam, la rivière autour de Cambridge.
    A Londres, hier, très bonne visite du Docklands Museum et du Vand A (Victoria and (...)

  • Le soleil brille sur Cambridge ! - Mars 2014

    Tous nos voyageurs pour l’Angleterre sont bien arrivés après un voyage animé par Émile à la guitare.
    Sept heures moins le quart à Cambridge : priorité n°1, trouver un café...
    et puis découverte du centre historique piétonnier.
    On espère que nos jeunes Français vont penser à regarder dans le bon sens avant de traverser pour ne pas se faire renverser... par un vélo !

  • L’heure de départ pour Cambridge est avancée de 15 minutes ! - Mars 2014

    Le départ du car pour Cambridge dimanche 23 mars, initialement prévu à 18h30, est avancé à 18h15. Le rendez-vous des valeureux voyageurs, (pour comptage, mise des bagages en soute, et adieux déchirants ) est fixé à 17h45 sur le parking du lycée

  • Réunion d’information pour le voyage à Cambridge - Février 2014

    La réunion d’information pour le voyage à Cambridge aura lieu Vendredi 14 février, à 18:00, en salle polyvalente. Les professeurs organisateurs se feront un plaisir de répondre aux questions des participants et de leurs parents

  • What shall we discover during our trip to England ? - Décembre 2013

    Departure will be on Sunday, March 23rd at 18:30 ( La Châtre Meridian Time ). Students are expected to bring their pack lunches.After a quiet and restful ( hem...) night on the bus, we’ll arrive in Cambridge on Monday 4-24 around 08:00. Monday 3-24 will be devoted to visiting the historical center of Cambridge in the morning, with a pause for lunch in a fish’ n chips restaurant, and a visit of St John’s College in the afternoon. Around 18:00, the merry ( but weary ) travellers will meet their (...)