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Publié : 22 avril 2014
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From Cambridge with love, day four

Thursday morning was devoted to the discovery of Monach Farm, an organic farm specializing in sheep, cattle, pigs, and goat dairy

Roland Randall, the soul of Monach Farm, patiently and expertly explaining organic farming to us
Great hedges trimmed­ by human hands, the likes of which we’d love to see in Berry­


Heges are trimmed and folded over so as to grow stronger and thicker, thus providing shelter for all sorts of animal species ( birds, badgers, foxes... )


Shaggy scottish cows are said to be at the origin of the rasta dreadlock hairstyle


Monach Farm breeds Shetland and Ryeland sheep, two original races indigenous to the british isles


The billygoat was cute and cuddly and friendly, but smelled just like any self-respecting billygoat should smell, as one of the teachers discovered to her great dismay... she brought back a fragrant memory with her... in plainer words, she stank up the whole coach real bad !


Watch out guys ! These mean little critters are carnivorous, with a sweet tooth for french schoolboy flesh !


Monach Farm also includes a riding school, particularly open to therapeutic horse riding ( for people affected with autism or Downe’s syndrome, for instance )

In the afternoon we visited the Green Britain Ecotech Center,where we viewed films and objects explaining the virtues of clean energy, and we climbed up a wind turbine

67 meters high...



...which means that we had to climb up 300 steps !


Inside the viewing station, watching the gigantic propeller blade peacefully swooshing by
Feeling like God looking down on those puny humans
Another turbine in the distance, slowly gyrating