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Par : Long Ki
Publié : 9 juin 2013
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Student Union system in Hong Kong, par Long Ki, notre étudiante AFS hongkongaise.

Schools in Hong Kong are unlike the schools in France : 

we have to wear uniforms at schools, we don’t have a separate "collège" because collège and lycée are the same school, which we call secondary school.

Our school has different houses( as in Harry Potter’s Hogwart School of Wizardry),

which are called Wen, Xing, Zhong, Shin, and are represented by different colours. I am from the House of Shin. Therefore, my sport uniform is orange.

My schoolmate is from the house of Wen. His uniform is red.

On sport days, we have different competitions. It’s not just a solo competition. It’s a group competition between the houses.

How well each school performs is determined by the solo point counts of its members. I always say "We are always good friends except on sport days". Because some of my classmates are not in the same house as me mine. (I was the 1500 m long distance winner at school and my house got 10 points)

Apart from sport day, we have 20 different clubs at school : 

We have a Japanese club, a Music club, a football club, a Hip Hop a dance club...I was the vice- captain of the Design and Technology club. The committees of each clubs have to organize activities for their members. For example, I held an event to visit the company of Porsche, the club logo design competition...Usually, the clubs in Hong Kong are run by students. Besides, I was the vice-captain of the Student Union of Law. There are 3 departments of Student Union.

The Department of ideas provide welfare for the students. Each year, they will hold the singing contest, Christmas party, and talent show...They provide different discounts from stationary shops, cinema or restaurants too.e votes of the students at school.

The prefect department enforces the rules of the school. They will check whether our uniform is tidy or not, and make sure that we have turned off our phone. Their job just like the police at school.(If you speak foul language at school, they will give you a punishment.)

I am from the department of law. My assignment is to check the department of ideas and decide to pass their idea or not.

The Department of ideas has to ask the permissions from us before they hold the events. We have the responsibility to protect the rights of all the students at school.

You can say it is a mini government. Each of us is chosen by the students at school. 

Does that suprise you ? You’d never have thought that I am so active at school, would you ? To be honest, I think school life in Hong Kong is more active than in France. If you have a chance, come and try our school life !^^