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Par : Long Ki
Publié : 25 mai 2013
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Hong Kong style in France II

Last time, I talked about some tourist spots of Hong Kong. This time, let’s have a food tour in Hong Kong !

There are different kinds of food in different countries. How much do you know about Chinese food or Cantonese food ? Only rice ? No, that’s just a small part of Chinese cuisine. Follow me and let’s "taste" the food together !

1.Eggette (cantonese : Gai Dann Jai)

Eggette is a kind of spherical pancake or ball waffle popular in the Cantonese-speaking regions of China, Hong Kong and Macau. Because its appearance is of many balls and because the balls look like many eggs, so we call it eggette. It is made with sugar, flour, eggs and evaporated milk.They are best served hot, and often eaten plain. They can also be served with fruit and flavors such as strawberry, coconut or chocolate. Eggette is one of the most popular Hong Kong "street snacks" and was ranked No.1 in the 100 most popular HK "street snacks" !

2. Fishball (Cantonese : Yu Dann)

Fishball is the same as meatball but the difference is it is made of fish. There are two flavours, you can choose, the original flavour and curry flavour. It is one of the most popular HK "street snacks" too !

3. Cha Siu Bao

Cha Siu Bao is a Cantonese bun with barbecued pork filling. Encased in the center of the bun is tender, sweet, slow-roasted pork tenderloin. It is a kind of traditional Dim Sum ! "Bao" in Chinese means bun.

4. Sweetheart cake/ Wife cake (Lou Po beng)

A wife cake is a traditional Cantonese pastry with flaky and thin crust made with winter melon, almond paste, and sesame, and spiced with five-spice powder. "Lou Po" means wife in Chinese. There are many legends that attempt to explain the origins of the Sweetheart cake. One tells the tale of a couple that lived a very poor life, in imperial China. They loved each other and lived in a small village. Suddenly, a mysterious disease spread. The husband’s father became very sick. The couple spent all of their money in order to treat the man’s father, but he was still sick. The wife sold herself as a slave in exchange for money to buy medicine for her father-in-law. Once the husband learned about what his wife did, he made a cake filled with sweetened wintermelon and almond. He dedicated this pastry to his wife, whom he could never forget, and sold it in the street. His cake became so popular that he was able to earn enough money to buy his wife back.


This time we’ve talked about the food in HK. Next time, I am going to bring you to my school !