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Publié : 6 décembre 2015
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The Baker Street Irregulars’ Awards - second prize for the non-native-speaker category

The seconde prize went to Michèle BLAISE and Lucas FLOQUET for their story PRETTY WOMEN, remarkable by its unexpected twist-ending, and also the tastefully gruesome pics, taken by the authors themselves.


Late at night, on a little street next to White Chapel Place where Jack the Ripper, the famous murderer, had killed many prostitutes, the two detectives were having a heated argument : they had left the Royale Restaurant and Watson was alone with Holmes because Mary had returned home after their chaotic dinner :
“You are so stupid Holmes ! said Watson, We discussed this before dinner : you were not supposed to make allusions about her previous life !
I know but she insisted on getting answers so I had to answer the questions she was putting.
Yes, but you could have lied and …
Just look here !”

Passing in front a little alleyway that was in darkness, Holmes who didn’t listen to his friend’s reproaches anymore , saw a silhouette lying on the floor. Both men hurried over to the body.

Watson said :
“Oh, my Goodness ! Holmes ! There’s a new murderer in the city !
Yes a new case for my pleasure ! I was feeling bored after the dinner.
Holmes ! , screamed Watson, you really are crazy, this death is terrible, it’s not just a game !
Indeed, but it’s more interesting than your conversation my dear Watson. Anyway, let’s elucidate this crime.”

The corpse was stiff and cold on the floor, blood had trickled from the victim’s head. Her eyes and mouth were open. This woman was wearing a beautiful dress, which was slightly crumpled, and expensive jewels. She had an elegant hairstyle and she was wearing high heeled shoes. She was probably going to a rich dinner.

Watson said :
“It was probably the same murderer as the one last week ! She was also stabbed to death !
No Watson you are really blind. Something hurt her head after she had died. You can’t see any blood on her face.
Did the scoundrel abuse the lady ?
No, I don’t think so.
You don’t ?
No, Watson. sexual criminals are very violent when they rape a victim and here that is not a case.
But her head, Holmes, aren’t you forgetting that ?”
Holmes didn’t listen to Watson, who shouted angrily : “Hey ! Holmes ! Will you just listen to me ! 
What are talking you about ? She definitely was not hit with a stone. The lady was hurrying because she was late to her dinner. So, She tried to run on the pavement and broke her high heeled shoes. She fell in to the little alleyway. Her head hit the kerb and she died from cerebral damage .
Ah, yes my dear Holmes. That explains everything, the blood on the head, the crumped dress and the broken high heeled shoes that I didn’t see. Again you are a master of deduction, Holmes !
Elementary, my dear Watson.”