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Publié : 17 mars 2016
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TO INFINITY AND BEYOND ( Rocket Boys and Girls )

One cold but -fortunately - dry Friday morning in Februrary, the pupils of seconde euro attempted to launch home-made rockets towards the heavens above, under the guidance of Mme Picaud.

Anna, Charlotte, Andrea and Juliette proudly display their missile

The pupils desire to defy gravity was first emulated when Mr Lécrivain had them study an extract of October Sky, the bio-pic based on the exploits of Homer Hickam ( the original " rocket boy" whose life was never the same when, in October 1957 he saw soviet satellite Sputnik orbiting in the night over his small West Virginia coal mining town.

what an elaborate launch pad !
Eline, Sarah, Marie, Camille, Céline and Louise stand by their rocket, which they topped with a cute yellow chinese hat
Marylou, Lucas, Juliette, Estelle and Madeleine ( right arm) believe in the power of Coke
George " Playmobil" Armstrong... a small step for man, a huge step for Playmobils !
Paul about to be eaten alive by a giant space jelly-fish
parachute demo, by Paul, Teho, Marine and Olivier

cartoonized version of the take-off



This first launching session was.... hem... moderately successful. BUT.... when the weather is fairer, and our grass-root engineers have perfected their flying missiles, a second rocket-firing session will be scheduled, and this time, we shall reach for the stars, and shoot them off the sky like clay-pigeons

Michèle pumping away...
Nathan has put on his hood, lest the explosion of the engine might tear his face to ribbons...
Sarah smilingly pumping away
Juliette and Estelle, cautiously watching over Madeleine’s shoulder
Blimey ! Our rochet almost bore a hole into a jumbo jet !
Nathan ducking in fear as his rocket proudly soars up in the sky