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Publié : 18 novembre 2013
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 At the beginning in 1773, the Americans colonists felt a strong dissatisfaction towards Great Britain. The Americans colonists did not have the power to elect their own representatives at the London Parliament which decided on new taxes. The colonists asked Great Britain to be represented at the British Parliament , argueing that there should be "No taxation without representation" .

In 1773 London passed the Tea Act which granted the British East India Company a monopoly on the transport of Tea to America.On December 16 1773 the Boston Tea Party marked the outbreak of hostilities : when a valuable shipload of tea arrived in Boston harbour, it was thrown overboard by patriots disguised as Indians. The British government, furious, retaliated by closing the harbour of Boston.




Since 2008 and Barack Obama’s election, an extremist fraction of the Republican Party has formed a third political party, which they have called Tea Party as a reference to the famous Boston rebellion and also because the acronym T.E.A. stand for " Taxed Enough Already ".

The members of this party refuse Obama’s policy ( in particular his national health service "OBAMA CARE") and have refused to vote the 2014 budget. The people from this party are at the extreme right of the republicain party. They want less government intervention and less taxes.Their slogans are : « Don’t tread on me » and « Liberty or Death ». During street marches, they often wear iconic costumes of the American revolution.


The refusal to vote the budget has caused a 3 week long shutdown of all administrative structures : Civil Servants were unpaid and out of work. The shutdown is a huge political mistake and a catastrophe for the Nation ; it has caused important economic losses. Many Republicans voters have found their own congressmen so irresponsible that they will probably vote for the Democrats at the next election in 2017.







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