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Par : Camille P
Publié : 12 mai 2016
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Trinidad and Tobago cooking

Trinidad and Tobago cooking is influenced by many different countries in the world like India , China , Europe , Lebanon , Africa and also by Indian-American culture .


Breakfast :

For breakfast, the people of Trinidad and Tobago eat different kinds of breads such as roast or coconut bake and warm hops bread with a slice of cheddar. They also like also local cookies, very popular in this island, called “Crix” which look like a “sablé” in French.

Food :

Curry is a main course in Trinidad and Tobago . This spice of Indian origin can be used to prepare any type of meat such as shrimp , chicken or beef . It’s usualy served with potatoes aloo or a type of lentils called dhal .

Doubles are sandwiches of pea puree and spices . It consists of two fried flour patties . It’s served with mango chutney , grated cucumbers and hot pepper sauce .

Macaroni pie is made with a mixture of pasta , eggs , herbs and cheese baked together .

Callaloo is an African preparation made from dasheen (a kind of crush spinach ) mixed with coconut milk and meat or fish.

Deserts and sweets :

Kurmas are the most famous Indian sweets in Trinidad and Tobago . Kurma is composed of spiced dough fried and then glazed with a sugary topping.

Sweetbread is a bread with almonds, raisins, coconuts, fruits like candied orange or papaya peel,…


Drinks :

In Trinidad and Tobago , rum is a favourite. It’s the speciality of the country. There is rum , for example , in "Ponche de Creme" .

Fruit juices are very popular in Trinidad and Tobago and more precisely the citrus and tropical fruit juice with mango, passion fruit, watermelon, sorrels, pineapple,...