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Publié : 26 novembre 2015
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Interview with Vinita !

Students of the class Terminale S1-S2 interview Vinita about her country and her stay in France thus far.

1) Why did you come to France ?

I decided to come here because I thought that participating in the Language Assistants Programme would be a great opportunity to gain work experience, learn about a different culture and travel around Europe. I’m very passionate about exploring different countries and cultures.

2) Are you enjoying French culture and people ?

Yes I am ! The persons here are so friendly and I love your culture, especially your popular tradition of eating all sorts of cheeses and drinking lots of red wine ! They are so delicious !

3) What do you like the most in France thus far ?

Apart from the impressive variety of cheeses and wine, I would have to say the scenic landscapes and amazing architecture you have in your country are what I love about France.

4) You said that you love to travel. Out of all the countries you have been to, which is your favourite ?

Well I must admit that I have a soft spot for Colombia because I lived in Bogota for one year but I think that each country has something unique to offer a visitor. I enjoy each place I visit because of different reasons (be it cuisine, culture, etc), so it’s difficult to pinpoint one as being a favourite.

5) Which other countries have you visited ?

I’ve been to Jamaica, St Martin/St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, England and the United Arab Emirates.

6) How many languages do you speak ?

Three and a half ! Haha ! English, Spanish, Portuguese “et un petit peu de français” ! I’m presently learning French !

7) Are you scared because of the terrorist attacks that recently occurred in Paris ?

Just a little. I think we’re a bit safer here in the Berry but you never know what could happen in the future. Either way, I try not to worry unnecessarily about things that are beyond my control.

8) What is your favourite movie ?

I don’t have one but I love romance, comedy and adventure films. I also enjoy Bollywood movies.

9) What are your favourite hobbies ?

I love cooking, dancing and travelling !

10) What type of dancing do you do ?

I can do Indian, Latin and some Arabian dancing.

Vinita parmi les élèves de TS1-TS2
Vinita est au 3ème rang à gauche.

11) What is your favourite type of music ?

Soca (the Carnival music of Trinidad and Tobago), Indian music and Latin music are my top three but I enjoy all genres of music.

12) What is your favourite food ?

Well I love to eat so it’s difficult to choose just one ! But I usually like foods that have strong flavours or a lot of spices, especially hot peppers !

13) What is your favourite type of pet ?

I love dogs ! They are so adorable and intelligent !

14) What is the political history of Trinidad and Tobago ?

Trinidad and Tobago were first settled by Amerindians. Both islands were explored by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage in 1498. Tobago was juggled among the British, French, Dutch, and Courlanders, but eventually ended up in British hands. Trinidad remained a Spanish colony until 1797, but it was largely settled by French colonists. In 1889 the two islands were incorporated into a single crown colony of Britain. Trinidad and Tobago obtained its independence from the British Empire in 1962 and became a republic in 1976. We have a democratic political system based on the Westminster Model.

15) What is the price of bananas in your country ?

Haha ! About $1 USD a pound. Hope that information benefits you somehow in the future !

16) Is the cost of living in your country higher than in France ?

Not really. I think things are much cheaper in my country but it can be because of the exchange rate between the Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD) and the Euro (€1 Euro= $6.74 TTD).

17) What languages are spoken in your country ?

English is the official language but there also exists an English Creole that has been influenced by African and Indian dialects and French ! A small segment of the population also speaks a French Creole.

18) Have you visited other cities in France ?

Yes. I’ve been to Paris, Orleans, Cergy and Senlis.

19) Can you be our additional teacher for the year ?

Haha ! I’ll talk to Mr. Okala to see what can be arranged.